New photo Modelling of Noor Pahlavi in 2017

 Noor Pahlavi is not your average princess. Daughter of Reza Pahlavi, the Crown Prince, and granddaughter of the late Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, she is the first generation of the distinguished family to have been born. Residing in New York, and working as the director of fundraising and investor relations at a commercial real estate firm, Noor admits “It can be hard to please those Iranians who still look to me as a princess while I’m living in America.


  1. You are very right Ms Noor. The person who referred to your father as “the crown Prince” should take notice too. What crown? What Prince?

  2. Like her mother and her grandmother, she’s ugly

  3. باعث سرافکندگی

  4. این که ناموس شاهنشاهیبود

  5. Disgusted Citizen

    She’s after all raised in a country & is part of the culture that not only values, but aspires to trashiest aspects of a human life, Kardashians!

  6. Great Princess, do not care rude people ,and go on .

  7. Every one has a voice so please be respectful when you are voicing your opinions! I personally think she is beautiful and she should follow her own dream regardless… As there is no princes or king any more …

  8. That’s why Iran is still a third world country.
    Look how some uneducated people think about a nice celebrity family. This is a hate rate that is being carried on for generations with us and I don’t know how many more generation shall be wait for these type of people to think and act like modern civilians. They live in western countries including US but still do not know what is really a democracy. We Iranian should start the change from ourselves before trying to change anything else. For that reason I still prefer the recent government.