9 Tips for Planning an Affordable Holiday Vacation

 Let’s be honest, everyone can save regardless of their income or economic status. Even if you save a dollar every day for two years, you can save about $730. It’s not much but it’s enough to get you out of the door. But too often, we would rather spend money on things we WANT than find a way to save enough money to follow our dreams.

One of the quickest ways to blow money on your vacation is to just show up, stash your stuff, and go out looking for something to do. Inevitably, you will find the costly tourist traps. Instead, spend some time online researching the area and its attractions before you leave. Check out restaurant reviews, local food markets (make your own meals), transportation options and all the activities available. If you have a list of your top picks, and you know the comparative costs, you can make smart decisions about what to spend your money on when you get there.