Rich Kids of Istanbul in Pictures

The Rich Kids of Istanbul have been busy living the good life and sharing the evidence in envy-inducing Instagram snaps. Read More »

Horror festival and bizarre costumes for ancient Macedonia

Local villagers wearing homemade costumes parade during a carnival celebration marking the Orthodox St. Vasilij Day in the village of Vevcani, about 170 kms from the capital of Skopje, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 13 January 2019. Read More »

The daughter of former politican

Faezeh Hashemi Bahramani, more known as Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani (born 7 January 1963) is an women’s rights activist, politician and former journalist who served as a member of parliament from 1996 to 2000. She is also president of Executives of Construction Party women’s league and the former editor-in-chief of Zan newspaper. Read More »

Photo shooting of the Actress

“If one listens to either its critics or supporters Method Acting is described as a form of acting where the actor mystically ‘becomes’ the character or tries to live the character in life somehow literally. Read More »

Types Of Women You Should Never Marry

If she seems to always be disrespectful and rude (even if it is to people she considers beneath her standards) then you need to think twice about marrying her. Respect for a fellow human being is a very important attribute in who we choose to spend the rest of our lives with so it is definitely not something that should ... Read More »