Tell-Tale Signs Yours Might Be Fake

It’s all about attention to detail. It doesn’t matter who the designer is. Most luxury handbags are hand-created and done so meticulously. They look close to perfect, without the need for a manufacturer. IT’S ALL IN THE STITCHING Read More »

Tricks to Detect Lies on the Spot

One of the most common vocal clues that reveal if a person is lying is pauses, so pay attention to them. If a person takes long pauses or has many of them while speaking, they’re probably lying and taking their time to think about what to say. Speech errors like “ah,” “uhh,” and “I mean” also count. Read More »

facts about India that may surprise you

Testament to India’s diversity, these sites include hill forts in Rajasthan; mountain railways in Shimla, Darjeeling, and the Nilgiri Hills; the Western Ghats mountain range in the southwest of the country; the Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Maharashtra; the Sundarbans mangrove forest of Bengal; and many other national parks and wildlife reserves. And still, UNESCO sites only scratch the surface ... Read More »

Noor Pahlavi’ s new photos in 2020

One thing you’ll notice about each of the top fashion blog examples above, is that they all have their own unique voice, personality, and taste in fashion. These fashion bloggers bring their own unique perspective to highlight their favorite products, merchandise, and brands. Read More »

Wedding-Planning Tips from Newlyweds

“Matt and I planned our wedding for sixteen months, and it really helped to keep stress levels down. We got tons of stuff done early and had time to save for the things we really wanted. You only get to plan your wedding once, so make sure it is a fun time, not a stressful one!” —Claire and Matt Read More »

Remedies to Relieve Joint Pain

The body generates an immune response to defend itself by unintentionally attacking its own tissues. This is one of the main causes of arthritis. To relieve joint pain, it is advisable to completely change the way you eat. Intestinal damage is reversed when the diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains. Read More »