What Could Happen in a Long-Term Power Outage?

When people think of the power going out the first things that usually come to mind are TV, lights, computer and internet. A typical response is “I can read a book, play board games, it would not bother me too much.” Read More »

Photo Modelling in Summer 2018

Sadaf Taherian (born July 21, 1988) is an actress and model. She had a few appearances in Movies and TV before posting unveiled images of herself on Facebook and Instagram that were denounced by ministry of culture and guidance. Read More »

Tv Presenter that changed her Style

In particular, consider why you have the current style that you have. For example, is your style primarily jeans and t-shirts because you don’t like having to spend a lot of time thinking about outfits to put together? If so, the new style you choose will need to be simple and easy enough to work for you. Read More »

Actors and Actress of The Series

Amin Hayaei (born June 9, 1971) is an actor of Persian descent. He is married to Niloofar Khoshkholgh, who is an actress. Read More »

In Memory Of Nasser Malekmotei

Naser Malek Motiei ( 29 March 1930 – 25 May 2018) was an actor and director. He starred in numerous films and television shows. Read More »

Silent Signs of a Vitamin C Deficiency You’re Probably Ignoring

Your gums are made up partially of collagen, which is why they tend to be more sensitive when your vitamin C levels dip. They can bleed more, as well, and since vitamin C helps with wound healing, a deficiency means that bleeding gums won’t heal as quickly. Swollen gums are a result of inflammation, a process that vitamin C helps ... Read More »

Women Only photos

Bronx-born photojournalist Randy H. Goodman says her journey to and interest in Iran happened kind of by accident. Read More »

Solid Ways to Decrease Stomach Bloating

You can prevent bloating by eating slower and in smaller portions. If you pay actual attention to what you are eating and be more mindful about your food intake, this might help you to enjoy food more, as your brain will have time to actually process what you are putting in your mouth. Also, it will lower the amount of ... Read More »