Saba Rad left her job on National TV

Be interested In the world around you. Get out and experience life, attend events, get involved in creating things outside of work. You never know how or where you will get your inspiration for creating content from, so get off your behind and do stuff. Read More »

Iraj Tahmasb’s Family

Iraj Tahmasb is an actor, screenwriter and director of TV series and films. He is best known for co-creating of popular puppet character, Kolah Ghermezi. This well liked actor is know for his close family bond. Wonder why Family Bonding is Important for Families? Read More »

Rambod Javan and Mehran Modiri in Photos

Three years later, he came into the spotlight with a short role in ‘The Spouses’ (1995) and found fame after appearing in the series ‘Green House’ (1995). Read More »

New Photos of Actress Reyhaneh Parsa

Actress Reyhaneh Parsa was born in 1998. She attended many acting courses and performed in some student theater plays during her academic education. Read More »

2020 World’s Top 100 Doctors in Dentistry

The honorary recognition is a lifetime achievement award for exceptional services rendered to the art and science of the profession of dentistry. Read More »

The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses in Indonesia

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs warned Monday that there were 191,000 people in urgent need of help after the quake-tsunami, among them 46,000 children and 14,000 elderly — many in areas that aren’t the focus of government recovery efforts. Read More »

The Weirdest Mummies of the World

The mummified chest of a Germaine D. a bearded woman, displayed during the exhibition “Cabinets of curiosities” at the Fonds Helene et Edouard Leclerc, in Landerneau, western France. Read More »

Photos Of Kalout Dasht

Iran is climatically part of the Afro-Asian belt of deserts, which stretches from the Cape Verde islands off West Africa all the way to Mongolia near Beijing, China. Read More »