Body Features Whose Real Purpose Is Finally Coming to Light

A mole appears when the cells in the skin grow in a group instead of being spread throughout the skin. Usually, moles aren’t harmful, but sometimes it may be a sign that there are problems inside your body, such as cancer. Mole-mapping is a method that can be used to keep track of the changes in moles so that cancer ... Read More »

Barron Trump Is Now Taller Than His Father

Trump was accompanied by his 13-year-old son, Barron, who continues to stand tall alongside his 6-foot-3 father. He was also accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, who joined the president at public events for the pardoning of Thanksgiving turkeys Bread and Butter, after joining a ceremony for hero Army dog Conan on Monday. Read More »

The countries that have only one billionaire

Rebrab is the founder and CEO of Algeria’s largest privately-held company, Cevital, which owns one of the world’s largest sugar refineries. The company also owns an Italian steel mill, a French appliances maker, and a German water purification company. Read More »

Tricks for a Great Style on A Celebration

Your outfit is the most important piece of the red carpet event dress code puzzle. A cocktail dress is a safe choice for most red carpet events, particularly if you choose a safe black dress and jazz it up with some statement jewelry. Read More »

Reality Inside of North Korea

Until recently, the Australian native was pursuing a master’s degree in Korean literature at Kim Il Sung University in the capital, Pyongyang. At the time, he was the only foreign student enrolled in that postgraduate program, one of just three students from Western nations at the school and the only Australian in the entire country. Read More »

Things That Can Change Your Eye Color

Bright emotions are a certain shock to our body. When we experience severe rage or bright joy the frequency of our heart beat changes, our breathing speeds up, and it becomes harder to breathe, but the color of your irises also changes. It can become more intense, sometimes darker, and sometimes lighter. Read More »

Foods You Can Eat on Your Period, and 4 Foods You Need to Avoid

You should avoid dairy products if you experience constant cramps and belly pain. Milk contains lactose, a specific type of sugar that some people have difficulty digesting. Additionally, lactose can cause bloating, stomach pain, and nausea — all things you might already have because of your period. Read More »

Behrouz Boochani Arrived in New Zealand

In some ways, the fact that Behrouz Boochani touched down in New Zealand on his way to a literary festival is unremarkable. His memoir, No Friend but the Mountains, won Australia’s richest literary prize earlier this year, after all, and presenting at such festivals is a pretty standard item on any celebrated writer’s itinerary. Read More »