24-year-old man married to a 60 years old woman

 Weddings in India vary regionally, the religion and per personal preferences of the bride and groom. They are festive occasions in India, and in most cases celebrated with extensive decorations, colors, music, dance, costumes and rituals that depend on the religion of the bride and the groom, as well as their preferences. India celebrates about 10 million weddings per year, ... Read More »

Alisan’ s fan got excited during a Resturant Opening

Opening a restaurant is an adventure. After months (or years) of planning, preparation, picking out the perfect pieces, and hiring the best staff possible, the hope is to find yourself finally planning a “grand” opening. This event will serve as your first chance to invite customers into your establishment, show off what you’ve accomplished, and start building the relationships necessary ... Read More »

The Walking Dead invade London!

 Pale-faced and caked in blood, they’ve been spotted eating entrails outside Mornington Crescent Tube station and bus stops around the capital, and generally shuffling around looking scary. Read More »

Visiting Students in a Village

 In a small village called, Valle lives with his wife in a house that does not have running water. He travels half a mile to collect water from the closest well, which likely contains high levels of bacteria and calcium. Residing in a house without running water, Patrosiño Valle must walk half a mile to the closest well. Read More »

12 Unique Style Tips For Young Men in Autmun 2017

 from trendsetting teenagers to grand old men and everything in between. This is because being well-dressed is nothing to do with age or fashion. As Keith Richards says, you don’t find a style, a style finds you. That’s not to say that trends aren’t interesting. Read More »

Ivanka Trump Park Avenue Apartment For Sale $4.1 MILLION

Ivanka Trump is having a hard time nabbing a renter for her Trump Park Avenue apartment. The first daughter concurrently listed her two-bedroom pad as a $4.1 million sale and a $15,000/month rental last December. Read More »

The night of 10th of Muharram

 Muḥarram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year. It is held to be the holiest month, Ramadan coming after. The word “Muharram” means “forbidden”. Read More »

Tourism Industry is booming in 2017

 Many of the new visitors are young backpackers from Europe and Asia, drawn by Iran’s history and culture. The most popular destinations include the ancient cities of Esfahan and Shiraz. Read More »

How to get your own unique style

 Sure, you consider yourself a fashionable person, and undoubtedly have some top-notch styling tricks up your sleeve. But new inspiration never hurt anyone, right? Especially as we enter a new season.  Below, we’re highlighting eleven new style tricks that may be high concept (i.e., reserved for the style elite), but can totally work in your wardrobe, too. But style is ... Read More »