Stars show their styles at presentation awar

We have all been in meeting or conference when we see the presenter pull up a PowerPoint that is almost unreadable with the amount of text of the page. Do they expect us to read the presentation or listen to what they are saying? Times like that you have to choose! Read More »

The Most Successful Industry Family “Khosrowshahi” in Homeland

Pars Minoo Industrial Company engages in production of cookies, biscuits, chocolates, medicine, cosmetic, and health products. The company was founded in 1959 by Ali Khosrowshahi. Ali Khosrowshahi – Founder and CEO of MINOO Read More »

Mud bathing tourism in Lake Urumie

Our love of baths runs at least as deep as an old-fashioned clawfoot tub—whether they be mermaid inspired, infused with magnesium crystal salts, or just hot, detoxifying sweat sessions. A good soak is a great way to relax, recharge, and even burn some calories. Read More »

How To Open A Restaurant in St.Petersburg

Romina Bagheri was a student in Moscow, but decided to open her restaurant “Romino” on the side. Then menu consists of both Persian and European items. Many restaurants don’t succeed or even get to opening day. Opening a restaurant is extremely high-risk, and many investors won’t touch restaurants with a ten-foot pole, especially if you don’t have a solid restaurant ... Read More »

The richest Persian-Jewish Men in the world 2018

David Alliance, Baron Alliance, CBE (born 15 June 1932) is a businessman and Liberal Democrat politician. David Alliance (originally Davoud) was born in Kashan, to a Jewish family and was educated at the Etahad School. He began his career in the bazaars at the age of fourteen and by the age of eighteen moved to Manchester, England. He has three ... Read More »

Jeff Bezos at Bijan’s luxury boutique in California

Nicolas lives in Beverly Hills and spends as much time as he can in the shop. “You never know really who’s gonna show up here at the boutique, so it’s always important that you’re here,” he says over the phone. “Missing one day in this place could be like missing a month at another store.  Since Bijan’s death, revenue has ... Read More »

8 facts you may not know about Billionare Isaac Larian

Larian worked for his father’s small textile business when he was young. In 1971, when he was just 17, Larian immigrated to the U.S. Alone and with little money, he worked as a dishwasher, and earned a degree in engineering from California State University. 8. Larian Came to America Alone at 17 With $750 & Dreams Read More »