Makhunik: The Village of Dwarves IN The Homeland

In a remote corner in Iran’s South Khorasan Province, near its border with Afghanistan, is a village that, until about a century ago, was inhabited by people of very short stature. Indication of their dwarfism is found in the local architecture. Read More »

New Collection by Nazanin Mandi in 2018

A native of Valencia, California, Nazanin Mandi is a natural performer. Singing and dancing at age 3, modeling at age 10, vocal performance at Carnegie Hall (Performing Mozart Requiem New York, NY) by age 15, and there’s no end in sight. Nazanin has experience in musical theater, the ability to sing in 5 different languages and studies of jazz and ... Read More »

How to start beekeeping

Foruzan, a 19-year-old Afghan girl, creates a small beekeeping district and produces honey. She is a school year student. Foruzan’s family had a lot of economic problems before beekeeping and their only source of income was agriculture, but since the beginnings of Beaujolais, the problems of livelihood have diminished. She hopes to continue to enter the university to keep bee ... Read More »

How to bake Tulumba in Ramadan

Ramadan or Ramadhan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and the month in which the Quran was revealed. Read More »

Russian Photo and Book Exhibition in the capital

 The photo exhibition, book and tourism “Russia from close proximity” opened in the Garden of the Museum of Arts in collaboration with the Cultural and Art Organization Municipality on Thursday, May 6th. Mahtab Keramati ( born October 17, 1970) is an actress. In 2006 she was appointed as UNICEF National Ambassador. She was taking acting courses when she was chosen for ... Read More »

foods that work even better than apple cider vinegar for your health

 What’s more summer than a fresh, juicy slice of watermelon? We have good news: Not only are you treating your taste buds to the sweet summer melon but you’re also helping your body detox. “Watermelon fights inflammation and helps hydrate the system,” Dr. Lipman says. “Additionally it helps fight free radicals and therefore reduce toxins in the system.” Read More »

Teenagers with autism, down syndrome to run Cafe in the capital

This is the first cafe of it’s kind. Teenagers with autism or down syndrome aging above 16 will run mobile bus cafes in the capital, welfare organization’s deputy chief for rehabilitation affairs has said. Read More »

Jobs Facing Extinction

These folks perform work involved in developing and processing photos from film or digital media. If they’re really well-versed, they might edit negatives and prints as well. If you’re in this career, you might want to think about making some money moves before potentially losing your job. Read More »