J-Lo visits the Western Wall

A day after wowing fans with a long-awaited performance in front of a thrilled Tel Aviv audience, Jennifer Lopez on Friday visited Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Read More »

Surprising ways the elite are showing off their wealth around the world

He and his two business partners each bought homes for cash, at prices ranging from £200,000 to £320,000. “This appears to have been the first sale of London property to private buyers from the former USSR in modern British history,” notes the investigative journalist Oliver Bullough in his eye-opening and essential book Moneyland. Read More »

Driving by Motorbike

Stopping a moving motorcycle requires that the rider use two brakes — one on the front wheel, controlled by the right hand, and one on the rear wheel, controlled by the right foot. Read More »

Festival in Kish

According to Mary Sheehan Warren, personal fashion consultant and author of It’s So You, a fashion personality is the innately unique character within all women that’s expressed through certain style choices. And yes, every one of us has a fashion personality (even if that personality is “prefers sweatpants”). Read More »

Foods That Can Harm You If You Eat Them at the Wrong Time

Although bananas may seem like a good option to start your morning, if they’re consumed on an empty stomach, they can actually decrease your energy levels. At first, you will probably feel an energy boost thanks to their high sugar content, but after a couple of hours, you’re likely to feel tired and hungry again. Eating bananas may also pose ... Read More »

Photos of the second female Pilot “Neshat Jahandari”

Before you decide if you want to become a pilot, it is important to research the realities behind this career path. Try to immerse yourself within the aviation world. You can do this by visiting different airfields and airports, and researching the flight schools who provide your desired training programme – most flight schools offer a tour around their campus ... Read More »

Celebration for Ferdous Kaviani

When I teach my acting classes, I generally get two types of people thinking about signing up: young kids and teens, and older folks. Read More »

The Famous Building Fire Protection

Museums, rare-book libraries, historical buildings—these are the institutions that have the critical mission of safeguarding our heritage, preserving it for future generations. Read More »