A guy that get married with a beautiful african girl

Strong Black Women seem to find it extremely challenging to find a worthy mate, companion, or life partner. Even when they do meet a suitable person of interest many times because of his emotional or past challenges, we (the men) take ourselves out of the game. Read More »

Ricky Martin met Shirin Ebadi

Enrique Martín Morales (born December 24, 1971), better known as Ricky Martin is a Puerto Rican singer, actor and author who is widely regarded as the “King of Latin Pop”. Read More »

World-famous American actor Tom Cruise has arrived in Kyiv

Volodymyr Zelensky may have been swept into the center of a major political storm in Washington, one that could impeach a US president, but the Ukrainian president still made some time to meet Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise this week. Read More »

Worried and Stressful faces

Begging is the practice of imploring others to grant a favor, often a gift of money, with little or no expectation of reciprocation. A person doing such is called a beggar, panhandler, or mendicant. Read More »

Mona & Maral Farjad in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is Russia’s second-largest city after Moscow, with 5 million inhabitants in 2012, part of the Saint Petersburg agglomeration with a population of 6.2 million (2015). Read More »

Bahramji with Golshifteh Frahani and M. Afshar

Bahram Pourmand  better known by his stage name Bahramji (born 1952 in Kermanshah) is a Kurdish New Age musician. As a child he heard the old Sufi melodies, which now form the source of inspiration for his music. Read More »

Behnoosh Tabatabaei Different style

Behnoosh Tabatabaei is an actress. She has studied computer engineering and a short term of acting at University . She married Mahdi Pakdel in March 2011. Read More »

Highlights Assembly of Experts

The Assembly of Experts also translated as the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership or as the Council of Experts— is the deliberative body empowered to designate and dismiss the Supreme Leader. Read More »