Public and Private Screeing the Movie” Abajan” in the Capital

 Jafar Panahi (born 11 July 1960) is an Iranian film director, screenwriter, and film editor, commonly identified with the Iranian New Wave film movement. After several years of making short films and working as an assistant director for fellow Iranian film-maker Abbas Kiarostami, Panahi achieved international recognition with his feature film debut, The White Balloon (1995). The film won the ... Read More »

Tourists visit the Capital in Norooz 96

Nowruz  is the name of the Iranian New Year, also known as the Persian New Year, which is celebrated worldwide, along with some other ethno-linguistic groups, as the beginning of the New Year. It has been celebrated for over 3,000 years in Western Asia, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Black Sea Basin and the Balkans. It marks the first day ... Read More »

Actors actress before and after special effect makeup!

 When Lucas was first casting the Star Wars series, he wanted English … loathed superhero movie, likely for his patience in the makeup chair. … The 1978 horror movie Halloween featured two actors playing the main villain. Let’s take a look at the unheralded men behind the mask, under the makeup, or in the suit for a handful of memorable ... Read More »

The Underground Disco & Bars of Capital!

 On weekend nights, a gang of young men with mod haircuts and chest-baring vests loiters outside the entrance. Nearby, a corresponding group of girls with neon-colored hair and lips swelled by botox injections wobble on six-inch heels; their comings and goings are more frequent than those of their male companions. Read More »

The Art of Fashion Photography in Spring 2017

 Sadaf Taherian is an actress and model. She had a few appearances in Movies and TV before posting unveiled images of herself on Facebook and Instagram. Now she began to shooting some photo modelling with professional make up artists and photographers in Turkey and Dubai. Read More »

The 10 Most Effective Foods for Fighting Depression

 If you are looking for a quick fix, then you’re probably going to want to start with many of the special foods for depression outlined below as these are easy wins to start boosting your mood with diet. However, for long-term success in beating depression, you’re also going to want to make some of the bigger diet and lifestyle changes ... Read More »

CNN: Hotel Abbasi Ist The Middle East’s Most Beautiful Hotel in 2017

Esfahan has its fair share of historical wonders (some which are UNESCO World Heritage sites), but in many ways the Abbasi has become a tourist attraction in its own right. Built around 300 years ago, under the Safavid dynasty reign of Shah Sultan Husayn, it was originally used as a pit stop for merchants traveling the ancient Silk Road. 5.2 ... Read More »

What to Eat before and after Workout?

 For some, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But for others who manage to squeeze some gym time into their everyday routine, pre- and post-workout foods can be just as important. The body builds muscle and recovers 24 hours a day, not just at the gym. Smartly timed snacks can give the body the fuel it needs to build ... Read More »

85-Year-Old Super Model Carmen Dell’Orefice!

 Let 85-Year-Old Carmen Dell’Orefice prove you wrong.She’s been strutting her stuff down top fashion runways for years and has no less than four Vogue covers to her name, having been in the industry for 70 years. Most recently, at the closing of the Guo Pei Spring Summer 2017 show at Paris Fashion Week, she showed she’s nowhere close to retiring. She wore a ... Read More »

What is the Diet of Top Artists and Athletes?

  28-year-old Grammy Award winner allegedly doesn’t spend hours in the gym to keep her figure. According to Rihanna’s personal trainer, Jamie Granger, Rihanna stays in shape by following a balanced diet and a regular workout regimen. Other exercises include power lifting and plyometric movements to help Rihanna maintain her toned figure. A plyometric movement is considered a quick and powerful ... Read More »