Moscow Twins Fest 2017

 To honor of the founding of Twinsburg in 1817 by identical twins Aaron and Moses Wilcox, this year the city and community of Twinsburg will celebrate its bicentennial! Twins Days wants to take this year to honor this historic occasion and to reflect on how the community has grown and changed, and all the places we have traveled and come ... Read More »

How is the experience of working as a foreign actress?

 In every industry, people will try to exploit you, but you draw the line.friends with a few a list actors, and trust me having worked with them, you see they are real professionals. Read More »


 After a 16-year tenure as Glamour’s editor-in-chief, Cindi Leive’s last WOTY — she departs the magazine at the end of the year — was an especially emotional one. The 27th annual event, held at the regal Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, featured a range of segments that reflected the myriad ways in which women are spearheading this latest iteration of a ... Read More »

the 2017 Miss Venezuela

 There’s crying, and the Venevisión song. Has this show always been like this? One of the older Caracas Chronicles collaborators, I won’t say his name (but it rhymes with “Abdul Folk”), said that Joaquín Riviera would have never allowed this train wreck to happen. I don’t know who Mr. Riviera was, but I just watched a cheap, devalued, version of ... Read More »

Red Carpet of Movie in the capital on Autumn

 One of the most common mistakes some people make is that they start talking too abruptly from the moment the camera starts rolling. This is mostly the result of being too nervous. Read More »

How Do I Find Out if a Movie Has Public Performance Rights?

Chocked is a new movie, written and directed by Feri Girani, it’s been filmed in black and white. Starring roles are by Navid Mohammad Zadeh and Elnaz Shakerdoost. Here you see a photo essay of the red carpet. In addition we would like to share with you how you can find out if a movie is good enough to have ... Read More »

Awesome Ways to Celebrate Your Coming Birthday

Parastoo Salehi is a well know actress, she got well know after playing in the TV series “Under The Night Sky”, She just celebrated here birthday with family and co-workers. Speaking on celebrations do you know the best way to plan one? Actually a few years back one of my friends booked a villa in Goa, a beach place in ... Read More »

Makeup Basics, and Costume Suggestions and Tips

Glamour makeup has many applications and a wide variety of uses. Here we will outline some of the basic essentials to give you an idea of how to go about selecting the most appropriate makeup products to achieve the beautiful look you desire. First, begin any glamour makeup application with clean, dry skin. Apply a light moisturizer if desired. Read More »

 Nurgül Yeşilçay Attend a movie project

 Nurgül Yeşilçay (born March 26, 1976), is a Turkish stage and film actress. She is best known for Asmalı Konak, Yaşamın Kıyısında, Eğreti Gelin, Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem, Vicdan, 7 Kocalı Hürmüz, İkinci Bahar, Adem’in Trenleri, Ezo Gelin, Paramparça . Read More »

Red Carpet of Movie” Yellow” in the capital

 Decide on the purpose and theme of your event. Are you planning a party to provide entertainment, a charity or fund-raising event to raise money for a cause or are you celebrating a major milestone or accomplishment? Read More »