How To Start A Singing Career

Before you even sing your first note, do this: Sit down, grab a pen, a piece of paper and write down your music goals.This will lay the basis for all endeavours you will undertake from now on. Read More »

How to Become an Actor with No Experience

If the answer is career, then do your research and find the best teacher out there to start you off right. During your intensive training, start watching a lot of television and figure out where you fit in the business, then get some photos that represent what you are selling and put yourself out there. Read More »

Siavash shams and his wife in the U.S

Siavash Shams (also known as Siavash Sahneh due to his hit song Sahneh (born 26 January 1963) is a singer, songwriter, record producer. Read More »

Aref and his daughter

Aref Arefkia known as Aref, born August 10, 1940, and known as “the king of Hearts” and “the legend of pop”, is a pop music singer and former actor. Read More »

Afghan women assert themselves with martial arts

At the time, she had just accompanied her older sister but was immediately intrigued. The 22-year-old is now one of two dozen Afghan women who find inspiration and empowerment in Japanese jujitsu, a martial arts form that dates back centuries. Read More »