Golshifteh acted in the Shelter 2017

 in Germany involving Mona, a Lebanese woman (Golshifteh Farahani), and Naomi, a Mossad agent (Neta Riskin) sent to protect their informant while recovering from plastic surgery for her new identity. Mona and Naomi – together for two weeks in a quiet apartment in Hamburg. A safe house. A shelter. Read More »

How to Plan a Red Carpet Event

 Getting bold-faced names and top-tier press to an event’s arrivals carpet is an excellent start toward successful media coverage—but it’s not everything. Consider these tips from pros on how to create a red carpet that’s efficient, effective, and relatively chaos free. Read More »

How to present a Red Carpet Event?

 Pre-printed invitations for red carpet parties are available online; you’ll find some shaped like film canisters, some adorned with Hollywood star motifs and some specially designed for an Oscar-themed event. Read More »

Best Female Movie Performances of the 21st Century

 Paul Verhoeven’s “Elle” begins with a laugh that catches in your throat: A wide-eyed cat looks off-screen to the screams of a man and woman in apparent orgiastic bliss. Then comes the cutaway, which reveals a far more nefarious incident: Middle-aged Michéle (Isabelle Huppert), in the process of getting raped by a masked assailant on the floor of her home. ... Read More »

The Most Handsome Actors under 50

 The glamorous world of movies is filled with various actress, actor, producers, directors, etc. However, here we are going to talk about some of the most handsome actors in 2017. 22. Pejman Bazeghi Read More »

Red Carpet of Oxidan’s Movie

 Hedieh Tehrani (born 25 June 1972) is an actress. She is seen on the movies red carpet. Many ask why do all movie production carpets insist on having a big splash on the movies opening week? It denotes stratospheric status, style and opulence. It conjures up glitz and glamour. It is the focus of the contemporary Oscars experience and the ... Read More »

Sahar Biniaz Former Miss Universe Canada

 Sahar Biniaz (born November 17, 1986) is an actress, model and beauty queen who won Miss Universe Canada 2012. She had a reoccurring role on the hit TV show Sanctuary as Kali , goddess of destruction and a lead role in Ambrosia movie. Read More »