12 Real Couples Who Played Couples on Screen

 They’re far from the only ones — plenty of costars who’ve played lovers haven’t had to act much in certain films, because they were playing opposite their significant other (or future significant other) at the time. Here are 28 acting pairs who played a couple on screen and had a real-life relationship. Even if they broke up later, love was ... Read More »

Private train heads with 96 passengers from 3 Continents

  A long-distance luxury train, operating in the style of the Orient Express, arrived in Mashhad, in a rare private rail visit to the Islamic republic. Cultural heritage and tourism organisation said some 96 passengers from 3 continents. Read More »

12 Most Expensive Divorce in Hollywood

 These celebrity divorces ran the gamut from amicable to ugly, and infamous to under the radar, but they have one thing in common:They were not cheap. At all!!! 12. Britney Spears &  Queen Federline, $1 million + $20k each month Read More »


 Gabriele Basilico (Milan, 1944-2013) is considered one of the masters of contemporary photography. After graduating in architecture in 1973, he devoted his life to photography. The transformations of the contemporary landscape, the form and identity of the city and the metropolis all served as Gabriele Basilico’s privileged fields of research. Read More »

Red Carpet of “Nafas” Movie in Capital

 Narges Abyar (born 1970) is an author, film director and screenwriter best known for directing a famous film named Trench 143. The film is adapted from Abyar’s novel titled The Third Eye that narrates a story of a woman and her son during Iran’s sacred defense. Read More »

Lady Gaga protests against Donald Trump in NYC

Lady Gaga called for kindness, Miley Cyrus was in tears, Madonna vowed never to give up and Katy Perry urged Americans not to weep as Republican Donald Trump stunned the world by defeating heavily favored Democrat Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s US. Read More »

Some Highlights of Press & Newspapers Exhibition in Capital

A newspaper is a serial publication containing news, other informative articles, and advertising. A newspaper is usually but not exclusively printed on relatively inexpensive, low-grade paper such as newsprint. The news organizations that publish newspapers are themselves often metonymically called newspapers. Most newspapers are now published online as well as in print. The online versions are called online newspapers or ... Read More »

A Theater with different Type of Stage Makeup

Vishka Asayesh (born on November 7, 1972 in Tehran) is an actress, set designer and art director. She has obtained a degree in set design from the U.K. She is also a sculptor and has exhibited his art works at Etemad Gallery in Tehran in 2012. Read More »