Things You Need To Know To Start Your Music Career

It’s probably not smart to drop everything and try to make a living off music right off the bat. If you’re financially well off or have built up a strong following through another industry then maybe this doesn’t apply. But for the rest of you, your priority should be to do something that pays the bills to keep you afloat ... Read More »

Baptism in homeland

Baptism is a Christian rite of admission and adoption, almost invariably with the use of water, into Christianity. Read More »

Jungle Survival Tips to following someone

If you are stuck in the jungle due to a plane crash, stay at the site of the plane to see if rescue arrives and only start moving once you are certain no one is coming to the rescue. Read More »

Sara Bahrami Hiking Up Mount Damavand

Sara Bahrami is an actress. Her debut was in Parvaneh TV series displayed in TV in 2013. She also took part in another TV series entitled PardeNeshin which made her more and more known in society. She is also known for her roles in Darkoob, Italy Italy and Tehroun. Read More »

World’s first glass suspension bridge in Hir

With the efforts of engineers, the world’s first arched glass suspension bridge has been built and put into operation on the rocky cliffs of the city of Hir. Read More »

Tips for Fly Flight Attendants from Homeland

Men were the first flight attendants. As usual, the situation was changed by one brave woman — a nurse named Ellen Church. She learned to control a plane in 1930 and offered to work as a flight attendant of Boeing Air Transit. 08 – Air Canada Read More »