Arresting the girls on street

 Girls are everywhere: on the streets, on expositions, little pictures where girls are posing. All of them are charming and beautiful. Read More »

Celebration for the first day of school

 The first day of school in falls on September 22 or 23 which is Mehr 1st in Persian calendar and the first day of autumn (fall). Schools run up to June 20 (last day of spring). Schools are closed during the Nowruz holidays for thirteen days (March 20 – April 1). Universities might have slightly different schedule and they might ... Read More »

new fashion design dresses in Qom for summer 2016

 Persian is known for designing beautiful and stylish frocks which gives a real adorable and elegant look. Numerous types of frocks have been designed for women for casual, formal or party events. Designers have evolved this dress style in truly innovative styles and trends however the base is same. Read More »

A luxury modern Villa sale for 4 million dollar

This Villa is one of the best building that has built.this villa has modern style and full furnish. The sample has a big garden, Full Intelligent Control System, PBX Phone System,180 species of plants, special place for sunbathing, CCTV cameras and security systems, intelligent infrared laser. A Modern designed Villa in Karaj – Price $4 million Read More »

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Childhood Friends

 It has been over two decades since Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin began their friendship. Even to this day, they still have a tight bond and think highly of each other. Back in 1993, Elijah and Macaulay met on The Good Son movie set and the rest is history. We didn’t even know that these two were in contact with ... Read More »

Art Photo Gallery opening by Tahmineh Milani in summer 2016

 Tahmineh Milāni is an Iranian film director, screenwriter, and producer. Milani was born 1960. She is the wife of the Iranian actor and producer Mohammad Nikbin.After graduating in architecture from the University of Science and Technology in Tehran 1986, she apprenticed as a script girl and an assistant director following a screen workshop in 1979.Milani started her career as a ... Read More »

Kaveh Yaghmaei live in Concert 2016

He is best known internationally for his unique presentation of early rock throughout the 1970s. He is part of the Yaghmaei family, the second son of his branch of the family. His brother, Keyvan, was very successful in school in the sixth grade. As a reward, their father got them instruments. Keyvan was bought a violin, and Kourosh was given ... Read More »

Pics Of First Day Of School Vs Last Day Of School

 Your first and last days of school are, without doubt, two of the most important days in your life. Whether it’s your first day of kindergarten or your last day of med school, you are starting a new chapter and it’s an important moment in your life. Read More »

Traditional Wear in History

 Persian miniature paintings employ both vivid and muted colors for clothing, although the colors of paint pigment often do not match the colors of dyes. Persian men and women usually wore a full-length pants called Shalvar. Undergarments for men were limited to a pair of short pants, called zir-šalvar (literally “under-pants”).Traditional Persian clothing, although not worn in urban areas, has ... Read More »

Premiere of Paramount Pictures’ ‘Star Trek Beyond’ in San Diego

 The 63-year-old Iranian-American actress will play “the role of the High Command of the Federation.” She’ll be participating in reshoots next week. That’s the reason behind her late addition to the cast.Star Trek Beyond stars Chris Pine and Captain Kirk, Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto, Sofia Boutella, and Karl Urban. Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 5 & ... Read More »