Golzar & Youth in Snowy day in Mountains

 This year we have seen plenty of snow and famous faces have been attending the resorts. The mountains above Tehran are home to some of the world’s best skiing – and an escape from the restrictions of city life. As sanctions are lifted, we join Iranians at play. Read More »

Fashion Experts Comment about Persian Actresses!

 Taraneh Alidoosti (born 12 January 1984) is a Crystal-Simorgh winning Iranian actress. In a poll conducted among 130 film critics by Sanate Cinema magazine, she was voted the best Iranian actress of the decade. She has been suggested to be one of the best actresses in Iran. In 2012, a similar poll by the Film Monthly Magazine also chose her ... Read More »

Mehran Modiri Visitis in Dubai

 Mehran Modiri (born April 7, 1967) is a prolific Iranian actor, television director, comedian and musician. His artistic career began in his teenage years as he was acting in local plays. He then entered the world of radio and television in the early 1990s, actively writing scripts for and participating in various comedy skits during the annual Norooz comedy television ... Read More »

Reaction of “Yara Shahidi” against Muslim ban due Trump!

  Yara Sayeh Shahidi (born February 10, 2000) is an American actress and model, best known for playing Zoey on the sitcom Black-ish.Shahidi was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to a mixed African-American and Native Choctaw mother, Keri Salter Shahidi, and an Iranian-American father, Afshin Shahidi.In September 2014, Shahidi starred in ABC’s prime-time comedy Black-ish as 14-year-old Zoey Johnson. In December 2014 ... Read More »

Different View of Fashion Modelling in Homeland

 The centre is located in the affluent and historical district of Gheytarieh in the foothills of the Alborz mountains, which tower over capital. With its VIP members and advanced exercise machinery, you may as well be in Beverly Hills. Instead, the centre is the venue for models to practise strutting the catwalk under the aegis of a professional trainer, who ... Read More »

Foreign Tourist arrivals in Qazvin!

 The city was a capital of the Persian Empire under Safavids in 1548-1598. It is a provincial capital today that has been an important cultural center throughout history.Archeological findings in the Qazvin plain reveal urban agricultural settlements for at least nine millennia. Qazvin geographically connects Tehran, Isfahan, and the Persian Gulf to the Caspian seacoast and Asia Minor, hence its ... Read More »

New Art of Fashion Photography in 2017

 Lilly Ghalichi is an fashion model and make up artist in the united states of America. In the photo you can see her amazing style with type of eastern looking. She dressed so fantastic than you can imagine. These are the new collections of her fashion & make up styles. Here is the link to her Instagram page. Read More »

mistakes you never noticed in great movies

 Pretty much every movie, whether amazing or terrible, has mistakes. However, they tend to go more unnoticed in great movies, simply because everyone watching them is so absorbed by what’s going on (as opposed to, for example  – I’m looking at you, Batman and Robin). As such, here are 25 mistakes from classic movies that might have snuck under your ... Read More »

Some Little Planets Photos of the Persia in 360 degree Panoramas

 Eram Gardens in Shiraz is one of the most famous historical gardens in Iran. These gardens and the building within them were built in the middle of the 13th century, but were renovated and enhanced significantly during the Qajar dynasty. Eram owes its fame and importance to the botanical garden which is home to a verity of unique and rare ... Read More »