New Fashion modelling shots of Bahram Radan

 Bahram Radan (born 28 April 1979) is an award-winning actor.While studying Business Management in college, Radan signed up for acting classes where he was discovered as an emerging talent. He got his first break when he was given an opportunity for his first role starring in the movie The Passion of Love. The movie achieved great success at the Iranian ... Read More »

Beauty Has No Nationality

 Natalia Ivanova, the author of the project, is a Russian photographer and photojournalist. She lives in Paris and works as a photo-correspondent for the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS in France. Natalia thinks it is important to implement and get across to people the idea of interethnic equality and tolerance, no matter how much time and effort it might take.We here ... Read More »

The Stunning Beauty of North Korean Women

 “Women of North Korea are not familiar with global trends but this doesn’t mean that they are not preoccupied by their look,” declared Noroc. “While neighboring South Korea has the world’s highest rate of cosmetic plastic surgeries, North Korean women live in a different world.” Read More »

Shahram & Hafez Nazeri live in Concert 2016

 Hafez Nazeri is an Iranian composer of Kurdish descent. He is the son of musician Shahram Nazeri.Shahram Nazeri (Persian:  Persian pronunciation: Central Kurdish; also Romanized as Shahrām Nāzeri; born 18 February 1950 in Kermanshah) is a contemporary Iranian tenor from Kermanshah who sings classical. Read More »

Some pool parties in the capital for summer 2016

 The account, which is modeled on the popular profile Rich Kids Of Theran and has been made private since news of its existence broke, posts photos of what appear to be members of Tehran’s young elite galavanting with fancy sports cars and designer watches. Recently they posted some photos of their pool parites around the capital. Read More »

Photo modelling of Shermineh Shahrivar in 2016

She is a model of Persian descent that living in Germany. She became Miss Germany in 2004 and then won the overall title of Miss Europe in 2005 while competing in France.She was born to Iranian parents. Her family moved to Germany when she was one year old. Her mother and brothers live in Germany.She was raised speaking German and Persian, and ... Read More »

First water park opened in Qom

 On the occasion of birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatimah Masoumeh whose holy shrine is located in city of Qom, the first water park of the city was inaugurated in presence of Parliament Speaker and Qom representative Ali Larijani. Read More »

Celebrity Couples Who Prove Love Can Last Forever

 Some of them stay together for a lifetime, and it’s absolutely beautiful. To prove so, Bored Panda has compiled a list of celebrity couples who show us that love can last forever. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, Beyoncé and Jay Z, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson – they’re all on the list. 15. Ellen ... Read More »

Camel breeding in Ardebil

 Camel population in Ardebil in 2016 … In the past, the keeping and breeding of camel in Iran was done in various ways. Read More »