Travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Whether you’re planning an essential trip or a post-pandemic getaway, one thing’s for certain: traveling will change because of the coronavirus. After months of sheltering in place, Americans are treating their cabin fever with local staycations and long-distance road trips in record numbers. Read More »

Life style in homeland

Afkari’s case had drawn the attention of a social media campaign that portrayed him and his brothers as victims targeted over participating in protests against Iran’s Shiite theocracy in 2018. Read More »

All-women band seeks a break

The men in the audience clapped and the women ululated as the band finished singing: it would have been commonplace except the venue was in Iran and the group on stage were all women. The catchy rhythmic music they played that balmy night is known as “bandari”. Read More »

Tips for the Best Fashion Photography Model Poses

The secret to achieving great model poses is to make your subject feel comfortable. So, how do you pose models for a photoshoot? Don’t take photos right away, especially if you don’t know the model. Take at least a few minutes to talk to them. That way, it wouldn’t feel like you’re a stranger taking photos of them. Read More »

The Singer Sattar and his family in the U.S

Hassan Sattar (born 19 November 1949), also known simply as Sattar, is a singer with specialization in both Persian pop and classical music. He had gained fame before the Islamic Revolution and became Pahlavi Royal Family court singer up until the political upheavals of the late 1970s. He left in 1978 and has taken residence in the United States since ... Read More »

Behnoosh Tabatabaei New Style photo shooting

Behnoosh Tabatabaei is an actress. She has studied computer engineering and a short term of acting at University. She met Mahdi Pakdel (an actor) in 2007, and got married in March 2011. They got divorced on 2016 and since then she is single. Read More »

Listening to Sad Music Can Actually Make You Feel Better

Quite often, we associate music with some enjoyable moments in our life, be it the first date with our ex or a family gathering from our childhood. And, surprisingly, even sad music can make us feel this way. Read More »