Ph.D entrance examination in homeland

The spokesperson for the regime’s Health Ministry announced the state-controlled number of victims in the past 24 hours as 196 deaths and 4,027 patients under intensive care. Read More »

What Is ‘Challenge Accepted,’ Exactly?

According to most dictionaries, the word challenge indicates a difficult, complex task or situation to be conquered; a charged invitation to action; or a rejoinder to someone’s argument. Read More »

How To Start A Singing Career

Before you even sing your first note, do this: Sit down, grab a pen, a piece of paper and write down your music goals.This will lay the basis for all endeavours you will undertake from now on. Read More »

How to Become an Actor with No Experience

If the answer is career, then do your research and find the best teacher out there to start you off right. During your intensive training, start watching a lot of television and figure out where you fit in the business, then get some photos that represent what you are selling and put yourself out there. Read More »