Myths About Married Life You Can Ignore From Now On, Says a Couples Therapist

Some research shows that close relationships affect our sense of well-being. There can be different ways of connecting for a couple. But still, therapists say that there is no such rule that says that your partner should be your best friend or a person who literally knows everything that’s going on with you. And they shouldn’t scratch your back each ... Read More »

Golshifteh Farahani attends the “”Cesar – film festival” in Paris

Golshifteh Farahani attends the “”Cesar – Revelations 2020” Photocall at Petit Palais on January 13, 2020 in Paris, France. She was nominated for the Most Promising Actress Award for The Patience Stone at the 2014 Cesar Awards in France, and won the Best Actress Award for Boutique from the 26th Nantes Three Continents Festival (France). In recent years, she has ... Read More »

The countries that own the most gold

The value of global currencies used to be directly linked to the value of gold. The so-called Gold Standard is no longer in use, but many countries and institutions still hold large reserves of this most precious of metals. Read More »

the Actresses at A Photo Gallery

Mitra Hajjar ( born February 3, 1978) is an actress. She is the winner, with an additional two nominations, for Best Actress in the Fajr International Film Festival. Her first notable role was in Born under Libra (1999). Sistan and Baluchestan Province after Kerman Province, is the second largest province of the 31 provinces. Read More »

JUST 6.5 at 2019 Tokyo Int. Film Festival

The opening scene of the Iranian film Just 6.5 wouldn’t look out of place in a normal American police procedural: a team of plainclothes cops raids a drug den and one of them chases a suspect on foot through narrow streets and into the alleyways. After that, however, the film goes in directions one would never see on Special Victims ... Read More »

Keyhan Kalhor Receives Womex Artist 2019 in Finnland

or the mastery and virtuosity of the kamancheh, for the ceaseless innovation and collaboration to create exciting new musical languages and for bringing the Persian classical music tradition to the ears of people all over the world, Piranha Arts, the organisers of WOMEX, are delighted to present the WOMEX Artist Award 2019 to Kayhan Kalhor (Iran/USA). Read More »