Natura Vive Skylodge, Peru

The death-defying views at this peru hotel could be seen as either spectacular or terrifying; either way, there’s no escaping them.In the heart of the old Inca empire in Sacred Valley, three transparent pods cling for dear life to the side of a 121-metre cliff.These pods are hotel rooms, each measuring 7 x 2.5 metres and constructed from aerospace aluminum ... Read More »

A strange park that 6 months is under water!

Grüner See (Green Lake) is a lake in Styria, Austria in a village named Tragöß. The lake is surrounded by the Hochschwab mountains and forests. The name “Green Lake” originated because of its emerald-green water.The clean and clear water comes from the snowmelt from the karst mountains and has a temperature of 6–7 °C (43–45 °F). During the winter, the ... Read More »

Modern mosque in Qatar

Three years after breaking ground, the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies has officially opened Education City’s first mosque. Inaugural Friday prayer services were held last week, and were attended by several hundred students and Qatar Foundation Chairperson Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. The mosque, a large white cavernous structure with Quranic verses embossed into its large ceiling, is dotted with small ... Read More »

Coburg luxury hotel in vienna – austria

Palais Coburg, also known as Palais Saxe-Coburg, is a palace in Vienna, Austria. It was owned by the Kohary branch of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.Palais Coburg was designed in 1839 by architect Karl Schleps in Neoclassical style, and built from 1840 to 1845 by Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha atop the Braunbastei (Brown Bastion), a part of ... Read More »

10 Most Expensive Accidents in History

Titanic is probably the most famous accident in the history. The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City, US, after colliding with an iceberg, on April 15, 1912. The sinking of Titanic caused the deaths of more than 1,500 people in one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in modern history. It is considered ... Read More »

Designer luxury Headphones

What have you spent $3,000 on? Mortgage payment? A few round-trip tickets to points beyond? A epically speedy laptop? I bought a Porsche for 50% less. There is, however, a market for $3000 headphones. I reviewed the Audeze LCD 3 a few years ago, and they were mind blowing. Now, darling of the headphone forums HiFiMan has unveiled the HE1000, ... Read More »

Richest Celebrity Couples 2015

 Kelly Preston and John Travolta are worth $170 million as a couple. By himself John Travolta is worth $160 million while Kelly Preston is worth $10 million. John Travolta still loves to dance. He’s boogied to the Bee Gees, done the hand jive with Olivia Newton-John and even waltzed with Princess Diana at the White House. But his favorite dancing ... Read More »

Eric Clapton’s Rolex Sells for $1.4 Million

The exceedingly rare Rolex Reference 6263 “Oyster Albino” Cosmograph Daytona that once belonged to guitar icon Eric Clapton, which I describe in detail here, went up for auction yesterday in Geneva. And it smashed every record for any Rolex watch ever sold at auction, setting a new world record by hammering for the price of more than $1.4 million (including ... Read More »

Female Celebs People Thought Were Born Male

 People have always questioned whether Toni Braxton’s sister Towanda Braxton, was actually born a man due to some of the strong male facial features she possesses. Fans of the family’s reality show Braxton Family Values, were rather quick to point out that out of all the Braxton siblings in the family, Towanda was the only one who could pass as ... Read More »

11 Pictures Of Death Row Prisoners’ Last Meals

Peter hargroves, in a Photography project of the last meal ordered from the 11 sentenced to death, took photos and he said about the themselves purpose, in this project I have seen the sentenced to death as ordinary peoples – they are not as a number – (refer to ID Prisoners). Normal people will a few happy that they find ... Read More »