Qatar’s Sheikh Tamim gifts Erdoğan $400 million luxurious Boeing 747-8 aircraft

The 747-8 model VIP Boeing touched down in İstanbul on Wednesday morning. The arrival of another highly visible and obviously expensive addition to the fleet raised criticism from Gamze Taşçıer, a deputy of Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), who compared the 400 million dollar, seven-bedroom and two-reception hall plane to a “flying palace.” Read More »

How many Fighter aircraft does the Iran Army have?

The IAIO Qaher-313 is a planned single-seat stealth fighter aircraft that was publicly announced on 1 February 2013. A press presentation about the project was made by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi on 2 February 2013, as part of the Ten-Day Dawn ceremonies. 12. F313 Qaher stealth fighter – 1 Read More »

Putin’s security Team

The presidents, Russia and Turkey have met to talk about how to shape the future of a country torn apart by years of civil war amid a possible military offensive to retake the last rebel-held bastion of Idlib. Read More »

Foreign tourists hike on North Korea’s Mount Paektu volcano for the first time

Mount Paektu, a huge volcano that sits on the border between China and North Korea, saw its first group of foreign visitors last week. Two Australians, two Norwegians and one New Zealander spent six days and five nights hiking around the remote area near the mountain. Hike organiser Roger Shepherd said he hopes to open up a side of North ... Read More »

Little-Known Facts That you did not know About the Secret Service

If you have a closer look at agents in photos, you’ll notice that their hands are always at their waist. Their finger position may differ, but the meaning is always the same: the agents are ready to react quickly and raise their weapons. 21. Their hands are always ready. Read More »

Putin dances with Austrian foreign minister at her wedding

Austrian authorities imposed tight security measures around the site of the ceremony near the southern border with Slovenia, where foreign minister Karin Kneissl married her partner Wolfgang Meilinger, a businessman. Read More »

Kim Jong-Un strips down to undershirt with wife Ri Sol-ju in heatwave

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un has debuted a new look while inspecting a fish pickling plant this week. As the Korean Peninsula swelters in a heatwave, officials were dressed in full uniform while Kim flaunted more breezier attire – stripping down to his undershirt. Read More »