Aleppo artisans seeking to renew hope at Damascus fair

Under the elegant arches and domes of an Ottoman-era compound, Joseph Tobjian displays his aromatic Aleppo soap at a trade fair designed to revive Syria’s exports-starved arts and crafts. Read More »

Olympians Were Haunted By Helpful Sports Ghosts

During the Brazil 2014 World Cup there was a lot of noise in the press about North Korea claiming to have won the competition after a dramatic final victory over Portugal. Sadly, this was all a giant hoax started by a fake news website. Read More »

Army Preparing in homeland

The famed Louisiana Maneuvers, a series of mock battles during World War II, were designed to figure out how the United States could use its existing technology to fight in a fundamentally different way against the German military’s airplanes, radios and tanks. Read More »

What Does a Mounted Police Officer Do in the capital?

The most visible duties of mounted police officers are conducting patrols on horseback and assisting with crowd control at events. In crowd-control roles, a common line heard in the industry is that one mounted officer is comparable to 10 or more officers on foot. Mounted officers also may be involved with other duties, such as search and rescue operations, traffic ... Read More »

Hitler’s Berlin bunker shows Red Army ‘defied Stalin’s orders’

The leader of Nazi Germany spent his last days cowering in his Berlin Bunker, before consuming a cyanide capsule and shooting himself with a pistol as the Red Army closed in. After storming central Berlin, they discovered his body, along with the lair 55 feet under the Chancellery, which contained 18 small rooms and was fully self-sufficient, with its own ... Read More »

Mystery as Olympic gold medallist ‘who had twins with Vladimir Putin’ vanishes

A petition demanding that Switzerland expels Vladimir Putin’s rumoured lover out of their country has hit more than 63,000 signatures. Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 38, is believed to have been sent to a private chalet in Switzerland earlier this month as Putin continues to wage war in Ukraine. Kabaeva is widely believed to be the Russian strongman’s mistress and mother ... Read More »