Ivanka Trump Says She ‘Always’ Wears a Mask Around Her Dad

Ivanka Trump, an advisor to the president, will accompany Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to Coastal Sunbelt Produce wholesaler on Friday to celebrate the launch of the USDA’s $3 billion “Farmers to Families Food Box” program. Read More »

Russia scales back WWII Victory Day celebration in Moscow

With coronavirus infections rising, President Vladimir Putin last month postponed the highlight of Victory Day celebrations, a massive parade on Red Square that showcases Moscow’s most sophisticated military hardware, to an unspecified date. Read More »

Experts doubt North Korea’s claim of zero cases

More than 200 countries and territories have reported coronavirus cases within their borders. One unlikely exception: North Korea, which claims to have had zero infections despite its 880-mile border with China, where the virus first emerged before spreading across the globe. Read More »

Russian official questions Vladimir Putin’s coronavirus

The Kremlin has ordered cinemas, nightclubs and children’s play areas across Russia to shut down indefinitely after a senior official issued a public warning to Vladimir Putin that the government’s official data underestimated the infections caused by the coronavirus. Read More »

Sergey Lavrov’ s 70th Birthday

Lavrov was born on 21 March 1950 in Moscow, to an Armenian father and a Russian mother from Georgia. His mother worked in the Soviet Ministry for Foreign Trade. Lavrov graduated from high school with a silver medal. Read More »

Israel’s right claims election victory

Israel’s right-wing parties are claiming victory after all three main exit polls projected a bloc led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — made up of his Likud, the hardline right-wing Yamina, and the two religious parties — is on track to secure 60 seats in the 120-seat parliament. Read More »

Top 6 Fattest World Leaders

The 183-centimeter-tall (6’0″) Taft was nicknamed “Big Lub” in college and “Big Bill” in later years. He weighed about 159 kilograms (350 lb) while president, and a special porcelain bathtub—2.1 meters (7 ft) long, 104 centimeters (41 in) wide, and 907 kilograms (2,000 lb)—was delivered to the White House to accommodate his girth. (There is no evidence to support rumors ... Read More »