What Does a Mounted Police Officer Do in the capital?

The most visible duties of mounted police officers are conducting patrols on horseback and assisting with crowd control at events. In crowd-control roles, a common line heard in the industry is that one mounted officer is comparable to 10 or more officers on foot. Mounted officers also may be involved with other duties, such as search and rescue operations, traffic ... Read More »

Hitler’s Berlin bunker shows Red Army ‘defied Stalin’s orders’

The leader of Nazi Germany spent his last days cowering in his Berlin Bunker, before consuming a cyanide capsule and shooting himself with a pistol as the Red Army closed in. After storming central Berlin, they discovered his body, along with the lair 55 feet under the Chancellery, which contained 18 small rooms and was fully self-sufficient, with its own ... Read More »

America Is Doomed to Fail

This is an article from World Review: The State of Democracy, a special section that examines global policy and affairs through the perspectives of thought leaders and commentators, and is published in conjunction with the annual Athens Democracy Forum. Read More »

Zartoshte Bakhtiari Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Marne in France

Non, ce n’est pas un nouveau boys band en tournée dans le département. Et vous ne les entendrez pas pousser la chansonnette. Pour autant, ce jeune trio en « costard cravate » a appris le refrain par coeur. Lequel ? Celui de la politique. Read More »

In memory of Operation Kaman 99

Operation Alborz was an operation launched by the Iranian Air Force in retaliation to Iraqi surprise aerial attacks on Iran the day before which marked the beginning of the 8-year-long Iran–Iraq War. Read More »

Youth going to Prepare for War

Before we get into what you’re going to want to do to prepare for war, first you’ll want to prepare for survival. War has a lot of consequences, but one of the first and foremost is that it will likely create a scarcity of resources. For example, in WW2 even areas that weren’t bombed or under attack went through rationing ... Read More »