What does Trump do all day?

In a few minutes, President Donald Trump will release a new set of tweets, flooding social-media accounts with his unique brand of digital smelling salts—words that will jolt his supporters and provoke his adversaries. Read More »

Facts about the Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN” NIKI Haley”

At a time when immigration reform is front and center in the Trump administration, Haley’s background is particularly compelling. Her parents, Ajit Singh and Raj Kaur Randhawa, are immigrants who built a multi-million dollar empire in America. Of course, they didn’t just stumble into their success. Before settling in the United States, the couple emigrated from India to Canada so ... Read More »

Melania’s White Christmas style in white

The first lady, 48, dazzled in a white shimmering sequins gown by Céline and made a grand entrance with Trump as the band played Hail to the Chief. Read More »

Top 10 Beautiful Female Politicians In The World 2018

Pakistani politician Maryam Nawaz has recently joined the race of hottest female politicians in the world because she had stunning looks already but she attained attention of all by entering politics world. Maryam is a daughter of well-known Pakistani politician Nawaz Sharif, was Prime Minister of the nation but because of the corruption allegations removed from his post. She was ... Read More »

lawmakers and Politicans in the NK

Some media reports claim this cooperation extends to nuclear cooperation, though official U.S. government publications and academic studies have disputed this. Read More »