Farah Pahlavi silk dress will sell for $8800

Farah Pahlavi (born 14 October 1938) is the widow of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and was the Shahbanu (empress). Farah was born into a prosperous family, whose fortunes were diminished after her father’s early death. While studying architecture in Paris, she was introduced to the Shah at the Embassy, and they were married in December 1959. Read More »

Plane with US, Israeli officials lands in UAE

High-level delegations from Israel and the US have arrived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), via the first-ever commercial flight between the Middle Eastern nations, to put final touches on a controversial pact establishing open relations. Read More »

Melania Trump Was Caught Giving Ivanka a Dirty Look

As a reminder, Melania was reportedly taped slamming Ivanka by her former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, and a source gave details of exactly what was said to the Daily Mail. Read More »

Rare North Korea photo shows Kim Jong-un as a boy

Rare images of the leader of North Korea as a child alongside his mother have been unearthed to mark 60 years since the dynasty’s ideological foundations wre laid. Songun is a political ideological unique to North Korea that claims all problems in society can be corrected by giving priority to military affairs. Read More »

How Trump is counting on Melania’s RNC speech

She is the first lady and the Trump campaign hopes Melania Trump won’t be the administration’s last with a ‘secret weapon’ speech on Tuesday that they are hoping will win over suburban women voters. Read More »

Robert Trump Funeral at White House

Donald Trump held a private funeral service at the White House Friday for his younger brother Robert who died last week one day after the president flew to New York to be by his bedside. Trump and Melania Trump cut somber figures as they watched pallbearers carrying Robert’s casket out of the North Portico of the White House and down ... Read More »

10 Facts about Dr. Jill Biden, the Wife of Joe Biden

Born in New Jersey, a young Jill Jacobs spent much of her childhood in Pennsylvania. She ultimately moved to Delaware to attend college, where she and then-husband Bill Stevenson both enrolled in the University of Delaware. Though Jill once briefly studied fashion, she ultimately majored in English. But perhaps in a nod to her past in couture, she spent some ... Read More »