How Trump is counting on Melania’s RNC speech

She is the first lady and the Trump campaign hopes Melania Trump won’t be the administration’s last with a ‘secret weapon’ speech on Tuesday that they are hoping will win over suburban women voters. Read More »

Robert Trump Funeral at White House

Donald Trump held a private funeral service at the White House Friday for his younger brother Robert who died last week one day after the president flew to New York to be by his bedside. Trump and Melania Trump cut somber figures as they watched pallbearers carrying Robert’s casket out of the North Portico of the White House and down ... Read More »

10 Facts about Dr. Jill Biden, the Wife of Joe Biden

Born in New Jersey, a young Jill Jacobs spent much of her childhood in Pennsylvania. She ultimately moved to Delaware to attend college, where she and then-husband Bill Stevenson both enrolled in the University of Delaware. Though Jill once briefly studied fashion, she ultimately majored in English. But perhaps in a nod to her past in couture, she spent some ... Read More »

A shooting near White House

The US Secret Service abruptly escorted President Donald Trump out of the White House press room in the middle of a briefing because of a shooting outside the White House. Shortly before 6 p.m., according to the Secret Service, approached a uniformed Secret Service officer standing at his post about a block from the White House grounds and told the ... Read More »

Black militia members in Louisville

Three people were injured by gunfire in Baxter Park, where a Black militia group from out of state was gathered, after what sounded like a gunshot was fired around 1 p.m. Read More »

Ivanka Trump says she had ‘every right’

Ivanka Trump on Wednesday defended tweeting a photo of herself holding up a can of Goya beans to buck up a Hispanic-owned business that she says has been unfairly treated, arguing that she has “every right” to publicly express her support. Read More »

HESA Kowsar flying in the air

The HESA Kowsar, also known as Kosar, is a fighter jet based on the American Northrop F-5. The aircraft is equipped with new fourth generation avionics in combination with an advanced fire control system. Read More »