Ivanka Trump says she had ‘every right’

Ivanka Trump on Wednesday defended tweeting a photo of herself holding up a can of Goya beans to buck up a Hispanic-owned business that she says has been unfairly treated, arguing that she has “every right” to publicly express her support. Read More »

HESA Kowsar flying in the air

The HESA Kowsar, also known as Kosar, is a fighter jet based on the American Northrop F-5. The aircraft is equipped with new fourth generation avionics in combination with an advanced fire control system. Read More »

photographers on the BLM protests

Around the world after the death of George Floyd, who died in the custody of Minneapolis police, the threat of a global pandemic calmly took a backseat as a rush of justifiable rage against ongoing racial injustice flowed through all 50 American states and several countries around the world. Read More »

How is life marrying a politician?

Politically, these are rancorous times. Not only are our social networks turning into poisonous echo chambers, but partisan animosity is also higher than it has been in decades. So, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Reader Center asked: Can love conquer all? Read More »

Leaders that Violated Corona virus Regulations

The president’s stark departure from his message on Thursday night, when he announced guidelines for governors to reopen their states and said they would “call your own shots,” suggested he was ceding any semblance of national leadership on the pandemic. Read More »

In Memory of George Floyd in Iran

Many Americans, who blamed racism for that officer’s actions, took to the streets in Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed, and across the United States. This was not the first death of its kind: The U.S. police have a long history of racist practices that made headlines over the years. Read More »