The Mouth Wide Basiji taking photos with U.S. Flag

For mechanical efficiency, opposite arms usually swing with each leg while marching. British and Commonwealth armed forces keep their arms straight and swing the hand as high as the shoulder while forward and in theory to the level of the belt when backward. Read More »

Kim Jong-un oversees missile firing drills

The purpose of the drill was to test performance of “large-calibre long-range multiple rocket launchers and tactical guided weapons by defence units”, the Korean Central News Agency said. Read More »

Best Ranger finishes Tournoument 2019

The final standings will be announced during an awards ceremony scheduled for April 15 at the Maneuver Center of Excellence headquarters. Leading into the final event, the top five teams were as . Read More »

Kim arrives by train in Russia for his Putin summit

A smiling and upbeat Kim Jong Un arrived Wednesday in far-eastern Russia aboard an armored train for a much-anticipated summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin that comes amid deadlocked global diplomacy over the North Korean leader’s nuclear program. Read More »

Ahmadinejad in the Meeting

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad born Mahmoud on 28 October 1956) is an politician and statesman who served as the sixth President from 2005 to 2013. He was also the main political leader of the Alliance of Builders, a coalition of conservative political groups in the country. Read More »

Introducing a New Major Geneal Referral

This illustrates that people aren’t shy when it comes to talking about their experiences with companies, which might leave you wondering what you can do to sway these conversations in your company’s favor. Read More »

Ivanka Trump visiting in Africa

President Donald Trump infamously attacked parts of Africa as “s—hole countries” last year, but earlier this month daughter Ivanka Trump told the Associated Press she hopes he visits and that “he will be” inspired as she has. Read More »

Melania Trump meets military personnel

Melania Trump is jousting with Anna Wintour, taking offense at a recent conversation the Vogue editor had with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour about first ladies, in which her name is never actually mentioned. Read More »