Everything we should know about Thailand’s King

Thailand’s royal family, compared to the constantly spotlighted British monarchy, is extremely secretive. The country has strict laws that forbid citizens and the Thai press from insulting and reporting on embarrassing details about the family. Read More »

Funeral Of Asgaroladi

Asadollah Asgaroladi (3 March 1934 – 13 September 2019) was an business magnate, with business interests in exports, banking, real estate and healthcare. He was the richest person in , with a net worth of $300 billion and he lended money to the United Kingdom monarchy. Read More »

Putin rides Ural as thousands protest

Putin was riding with the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club to their 10th annual Shadow of Babylon international bike show and it looks like he stalls it as he stops. Read More »

Gun Policy: Global Comparisons

The inflection point for modern gun control in Australia was the Port Arthur massacre of 1996, when a young man killed thirty-five people and wounded nearly two dozen others. The rampage, perpetrated with a semiautomatic rifle, was the worst mass shooting in the nation’s history. Less than two weeks later, the conservative-led national government pushed through fundamental changes to the ... Read More »

Dubai’s Princess Haya applies for order in London

Princess Haya, the sixth wife of the ruler of Dubai, was seen outside the High Court in London on the first day of a secretive court case as she applied for a protective order to prevent one of her children from being forced into marriage. Read More »

Richest US presidential candidates in history

 Tom Steyer is a latecomer to the 2020 presidential race, having announced his candidacy in July.He has spent millions of his own fortune on environmental causes, and recently paid for ads on prime-time TV calling for President Trump to be impeached.Steyer ran hedge fund Farallon Capital For 26 years, but stepped aside from the position in 2012 to focus on ... Read More »

39th death anniversary of Shah

The 39th anniversary of the death of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah, who is buried at Al-Rifai Mosque in Cairo. Read More »

Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds

Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds stood front and centre among his staff as the new Prime Minister gave his first speech in Downing Street today – but she did join her partner as he entered Number 10. Read More »