Celebrities Who Look Like Other Celebrities

Hugh Michael Jackman AC (born 12 October 1968) is an Australian actor, singer, and producer. He is best known for playing Wolverine/Logan in the X-Men film series (2000–2018), a role for which he holds the Guinness World Record for “longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero”. Read More »


Great outdoors enthusiasts will wax lyrical about sleeping under the stars and the glory of getting back to nature but camping involves mosquitoes and possibly pooping near a bush. And it might rain. Read More »

Sean Connery’s 90th birthday

Sir Thomas Sean Connery (born 25 August 1930) is a Scottish actor and producer who has won an Academy Award, two BAFTA Awards (one being a BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award), and three Golden Globes, including the Cecil B. DeMille Award and a Henrietta Award. Read More »

Tokyo installs transparent public toilets in parks

The idea of using a public bathroom with see-through walls may sound like the stuff of nightmares. But a famous Japanese architect is hoping to change that view, using vibrant colors and new technology to make restrooms in Tokyo parks more inviting. Read More »

Style Mistakes That Men Are Still Making in 2020

Yes, wearing branded T-shirts can be very appealing, but it’s easy to go over the top with them. Some men think branding is the only way to show the quality of their clothing items, but that’s not always the case. You might want to wear T-shirts that make you comfortable, whether they’re branded or not — we’re sure nobody will ... Read More »

Hamed Nikpay wedding anniversary

Born in October of 1977, Hamed learned to sing at the age of seven encouraged by his mother who loved Persian music and poetry. Many young musicians resist the idea that music is a business. To be more precise, music is a commodity, and like other commodities, is subject to the law of supply and demand. Your musical performances and ... Read More »

Negin Mirsalehi modelling photos

Negin gained huge attention on Instagram with her beauty and her charm. She has over 5.5 million followers on her Instagram profile. She shares pictures on hers with different hairstyles and promotes different brands. Read More »

Unexpected parts of food you never knew you could eat

Many parts of foods people eat every day end up being thrown away or composted. However, you might be surprised to find that foods like kiwi skins, banana peels, and watermelon rinds are safe — and even beneficial — to eat. Read More »

Which Eyebrow Type Is Perfect for Your Face Shape

First, let’s look into the features that an oval-shaped face has. The forehead is wider than the chin, the cheekbones are prominent, and the chin is narrow. If this is your face type, the perfect eyebrow shape for you is the soft angled shape. That means it goes straight up, then gently curves at the top and goes down. It ... Read More »