How to Style Short Hair like Fereshteh Hosseini

Is there anything more annoying than having a bobby pin that won’t freakin’ stay in your hair? Um, I think not. Here’s a pro tip: Spritz a dry texture spray on the inside of the bobby pin to give it a little more grip. You’re welcome. Read More »

People that look like similar to celebrities

Scientists from the State University of New York at Binghamton with Celia Klin as the supervisor held an experiment with 126 students. They had to read dialogues that consisted of only 2 lines: the first one was a question and the second consisted of different variations of answers such as “yes,” “yeah,” “sure,” and so on. Read More »

Comparing Two of the Airlines

Separately, a weekend lockdown will be in effect in multiple cities from Saturday, May 9, through Sunday, May 10. Wearing a mask in public places and crowded factories is mandatory for all individuals. Read More »


Clear your mind. I’ve just begun trying to implement meditation into my daily routine, because I’ve heard such great things about how it helps you focus and de-stress. Read More »

Some techniques for effective interviews

Avoid Starbucks! It’s often easiest to suggest a centrally located corporate coffeeshop, but if there is any way you can interview in a place that has some relevance to the story or your subject, you’ll have much greater success. Not only because you’ll gain a further sense of context, but people are often more comfortable (and open) when they’re in ... Read More »

Reza Sadeghi’s wife photos in homeland

Reza Sadeghi (born 16 August 1979) is a pop singer and songwriter. Sadeghi had been singing since his childhood. He began chanting Qur’an at school. He had an interest in music so he changed his way to the music. Read More »

How to start a fashion brand

Starting a clothing business is a very personal journey. You’re probably a creative person, with something different to offer in a fast-moving industry. It’s likely that you’ve spotted a gap in the market, or have a unique design in mind for a specific customer group. Read More »

Celebrities Who Won’t Leave Their Fortune

This pair of actors has decided to raise their children without luxuries or eccentricities so that they learn to value things and, moreover, they have stated that they are not going to inherit any money. “We’re not going to leave them any money. When the time is right, we will donate everything we have to charity,” Kutcher said in a ... Read More »