Mohammad Making a Joker Costume in the Capital

Put on an orange or green long-sleeved shirt. If you’re going for the classic comic book-style Joker, get a bright orange shirt. If you don’t have a bright orange shirt, a dark green collared shirt will work well, especially if you’re going for the Arthur Fleck look. You can always use white if you want a more neutral color to ... Read More »

45th birthday of the Manager Uplifting Queer Models

He may be known as the man who helped make Stella Maxwell and Irina Shayk famous, but Ali Kavoussi teems with humility. There’s a sense of compassion and simple human decency in his soft-spoken voice. Those are the qualities that color how the managing partner of The Lions Talent Management views the models who work with him. They’re not just ... Read More »

Renowned singer Ramesh funeral in the U.S.

Renowned singer Ramesh passed away in Los Angeles, California on November 30, 2020. She was one of the most popular singers of Iran in the 1960s and 70s. Renowned singer Ramesh was born in 1946. Her birth name was Azar Mohebbi. Read More »

Signs That Show Humans Have Started to Evolve Pretty Fast

Scientists have seen one artery in the arm that has started to show up in more modern adults compared with adults from the late 19th century. This artery is called “Median” and it used to be the one that supplies blood to the hand and forearm of the baby while it is inside the womb, but that disappears in adulthood. Read More »

The Actress Negin Motazedi getting married

Negin Motazedi is an actress, known for Yek vajab va Yek Rajab (2021), Roshanak (2015) and The Redtails (2018). Have your dress hanging up and all your shoes (don’t forget those pesky stickers on the base!) and accessories, lingerie and garter laid out, with the labels cut off all your pretty new things. You can do this for all the ... Read More »

Maryam Masoumi’s new photo shooting in snow weather

Maryam Masoumi is an actress of cinema and television who was born in 1987. After completing her Master’s Degree by Mr. Samandarian, she played her first role in series “Distances” by Hossein Soheilizadeh. Read More »

The Actress Azadeh Zarei Photo shooting in Desert

Azadeh Zarei is an actress born in historic city. She studies Film Directing at an university. The actress made her feature debut with ‘We Will Say Amen’ in 2010. Most notably, she starred in the movie ‘Highlight’ (2017) and ‘The Sound of Rain’ (2013) series. Read More »