Artists at the Opening of a Gallery

Think about what this reception says about you. Is it your first reception? Are you exhibiting abroad? Is it a solo show or a collective show? What is it about you that will attract the attention of your guests? Read More »

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas’ Jodhpur Wedding IN INDIA

Priyanka Chopra is really, really teasing us now. The 36-year-old actress just shared a brand new photo from her mehendi ceremony in Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace on her Instagram story with the caption: “Team Bride Vs Team Groom. Read More »

8 TV Presenters that could not be successful in Acting

Keep yourself in social-consultative proximity with the casting director. This is usually 4-12 feet away from the other person. Determine this distance when you enter the room. You should be close enough to be heard, and also have your whole body visible. Don’t stand too close to the director so she can look up your nostrils, and don’t stand too ... Read More »

Red Carpet of Movie “Wolf Game”

Niusha Zeighami ( born in 1980) is an film and television actress. She began acting in 2006. Niusha Zeighami has an academic degree in Child Psychology. She graduated from the Young Cinema Society in 2005 and was cast for a role in the series ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ (2003-2009). Read More »

The 4th CineIran Film Festival 2018 in Toronto

CineIran Festival is an annual celebration of the best of contemporary cinema. The festival aims to bring the most acclaimed films of the year to Toronto’s screens in an effort to present a comprehensive cross-section and showcase the depth and diversity of this national cinema. Read More »

Anashid Hosseini’s Fashion Show Event at 5 Stars Luxury Hotel

Anashid Hosseini is a well know online model. She was in the news recently about her glamorous wedding. It is said she was working on starting a new clothing line. Which is a good excuse here for us to give you the best pointers, if you are looking to do the same. We used Shopify, which is of the cheapest ... Read More »

Taraneh Alidoosti at Tokyo Film Festival Jury

The five members of the 31st TnIFF Iternational Competition Jury sat down with the press on October 26, the morning after they had first appeared together at the Opening Ceremony. Read More »

Different type of style

Baran Kosari ( born 16 September 1985) is an actress, model and designer. She is the daughter of director Rakhshan Bani Etemad and film producer Jahangir Kosari. Read More »