The new Photos son of a former ambassador

These are scenes have grown accustomed to seeing on social media in recent years as Instagram accounts like “The Rich Kids of Tehran” and a line-up of other insta-celebs have gained tens of thousands of followers and fascinated the West. One of these celebrities – the son of a former ambassador – told his followers to stop spending time looking ... Read More »

Hindu group offers cow urine in a bid to ward off coronavirus

A Hindu group hosted a cow urine drinking party on Saturday as they believe it wards off the coronavirus, as many Hindus consider the cow sacred and some drink cow urine believing it has medicinal properties. Read More »

Locked down Italians sing from balconies, dance the ‘Macarena’

The coronavirus crisis in Italy is bringing out some heart-warming examples of social solidarity, with many Italians taking to their balconies in recent days to sing and dance in unison in an effort to raise morale. Read More »

Healthy Foods We Shouldn’t Overdose On

It is one of the purchases from his time at Real Madrid. The Lamborghini Aventador model was one of the most celebrated and loved by the Italian car manufacturer. Read More »

Strange Qualities That Only Intelligent People Have

There’s a direct correlation between intelligence levels and the speed of walking: faster speeds have a positive influence on people’s cognitive abilities. It turns out that people who walk fast get about 16 points more in IQ tests than those who walk slowly. Read More »

Behrouz Vossoughi’ s 82th birthday in U.S

Behrouz Vossoughi is an actor, TV host and model, with appearances in more than 90 films and plays. He has also worked in television, radio and theater. His work has earned him recognition at several international film festivals, including for Best Actor at the International Film Festival of India in 1974 and the Lifetime Achievement Award at the San Francisco ... Read More »

Shohreh Aghdashloo visiting concert in Saudi Arabia

Shohreh Aghdashloo is an actress. Following numerous starring roles on the stage, her first major film role was in The Report (Gozāresh) (1977) directed by Abbas Kiarostami, which won the Critics Award at the Moscow Film Festival. Read More »