Ways to Pass Time with your Family by S. Aghdashloo

Shohreh Aghdashloo ( May 11, 1952) is an actress. Following numerous starring roles on the stage, her first major film role was in The Report (Gozāresh) (1977) directed by Abbas Kiarostami, which won the Critics Award at the Moscow Film Festival. Her next film was Shatranje Bad (Chess of the Wind), directed by Mohammad Reza Aslani, which screened at several ... Read More »

Lilly Ghalichi, Dara Mir Buy Lee Iacocca’s Bel Air Mansion for $19.5 million

When Lido “Lee” Iacocca died last July, the automotive world lost one of its last living legends. Over the course of his 50-year career, the Pennsylvania-born executive helped develop the original Ford Mustang and spearheaded the launch of the wildly popular Jeep Grand Cherokee. Read More »

wedding preparations resume in Wuhan as coronavirus lockdown lifts

Weddings, birthdays and celebrations have been cancelled around the world because of the coronavirus pandemic but in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus first appeared, they are finally resuming as authorities relax a strict lockdown that separated families, friends and lovers for over two months. Read More »

Meet the Mundari people of South Sudan

heir entire lifestyle is geared around caring for their prized livestock, the Ankole-Watusi, a horned breed known as “the cattle of kings.” Read More »

How Do Fashion Bloggers Make Money like Iran Khanoom?

When it comes to Iran Khanoom, age really is just a number. At 90 years old, she is the Instagram star behind Sweet Sixty—a fun project to challenge the common belief that women over their fifties could no longer pull off styles that are not conservative. Read More »

Mansour and his Family in the U.S

Mansour Jafari Mamaghani (born 28 July 1971), better known as Mansour, is an artist renowned as a Persian musical artist based in Southern California. Read More »

Tips for Making More Money as a Freelance Model

Mehdi Pakdel (born July 1, 1980 ) is an actor. Mehdi Pakdel lived in his hometown until the age of 17 when he left for the capital, Tehran, to pursue a career in arts. While studying graphic arts at the Islamic Azad University, he designed a few theatrical posters and later established his own graphic studio to broaden his field ... Read More »


Drake’s 2-year-old son Adonis Graham made his adorable Instagram debut on Monday, with his superstar dad and mom Sophie Brussaux both posting a series of photos of the curly-haired cutie. Read More »