Why Doing Household Chores Makes You a Better Person

Any movement you make while doing chores can count as exercise. Scrubbing the bathroom, mopping the floor, and cleaning the window panes certainly requires agility and strength. A bit of cardio and squats here and there while you’re tidying up your room, some bends while unloading the dishwasher, a few stretches when you’re trying to get to the unreachable corners ... Read More »

Ronak Younesi in Canada

Ronak Younesi. Younesi, Ronak (born December 30, 1981, Tehran) Ronak Younesi has a B.A. in Industrial Design. She made her film debut in 2006 with the movie ‘Dawn’. Read More »

Clothing Mistakes Men Make That Spoil Their Look

This classic style of clothing has returned to fashion. That’s why the first piece of advice for today has something to do with button-down shirts: this item looks better if you only wear suspenders or a belt. It’s up to you to decide which one to choose. But don’t wear them at the same time, this is not stylish. Read More »

7 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

We all know that smiling is very important for good communication. However, it’s not about that plastic smile that shows simple politeness. Leil Lowndes explains the way to leave a better impression: first, look at another person’s face, wait for a few seconds, and only then smile. This pause will make your smile more sincere. Read More »

7 “Ages” and Anyone Who Wants to Lose Weight Needs to Know Them

The eating habits acquired in early childhood can continue into adulthood. An obese child is likely to become an obese adult, if parents do not take any precautions. It is important to get children used to trying foods of different flavors, textures, and colors so that they do not become fearful of certain foods later on. Read More »

The new Photos son of a former ambassador

These are scenes have grown accustomed to seeing on social media in recent years as Instagram accounts like “The Rich Kids of Tehran” and a line-up of other insta-celebs have gained tens of thousands of followers and fascinated the West. One of these celebrities – the son of a former ambassador – told his followers to stop spending time looking ... Read More »

Hindu group offers cow urine in a bid to ward off coronavirus

A Hindu group hosted a cow urine drinking party on Saturday as they believe it wards off the coronavirus, as many Hindus consider the cow sacred and some drink cow urine believing it has medicinal properties. Read More »

Locked down Italians sing from balconies, dance the ‘Macarena’

The coronavirus crisis in Italy is bringing out some heart-warming examples of social solidarity, with many Italians taking to their balconies in recent days to sing and dance in unison in an effort to raise morale. Read More »