Ali Kavoussi in a relationship with his boyfriend Negrobell

Ali, is a Managing Partner at The Lions modelling agency and they have been friends for years, with him regularly appearing on his Instagram feed. Throughout the day, she was seen stepping out with handsome male companion Ali Kavoussi, who stayed in the same look all day. This year’s Pride event in New York was in honour of the anniversary ... Read More »

New photos of the TV presenter Golnaz hosseini’s

you want to be a presenter, my first big tip would be to get yourself out there and start filming yourself! You don’t need a big fancy camera (some of the iPhone cameras are unreal these days), just get out there and start presenting to camera. When I started I did a lot of vox pops (when you interview the ... Read More »

Ways Your Character Can Define Your Shoe Choice

 Choosing what shoes to wear can require a lot of thinking. What you are doing will impact your decision making. For example, you wouldn’t want to climb a mountain in a pair of heels, and you wouldn’t want to go dancing in walking boots. The weather comes into play too. We all know that sandals are no good in snowy ... Read More »

Coronavirus pandemic forces students during university semester

In many cases, college is the first time students will live away from their parents or family. Making the right decision about where to live and the type of housing to move into is a crucial step in ensuring a successful college transition. With so many options both on and off-campus, the process of finding the perfect place can be ... Read More »

Reasons Why Hair Gets Greasy So Fast, and What Can You Do About It

While going with a chic ponytail may seem like a good way to hide your greasy hair, it’s actually the other way around. Your hair may look neat but this hairstyle causes your sebum to accumulate under your hair and its roots. Sleek hairstyles require a lot of styling products that smooth and weigh down your hair, making it get ... Read More »

Drinks to Help You Sleep Better

Warm milk is one of the best options to induce a deep and cozy sleep. It contains tryptophan, which increases serotonin in the brain, a substance that gives us feelings of happiness and well-being. The hormone melatonin is produced more under these conditions, and this is essential, since it’s capable of arousing sleep, even in those suffering from chronic insomnia. Read More »