What to Do and Not Do When Arrested

A person is arrested when a police officer takes that person into custody. An officer takes someone into custody whenever the person is not free to leave. Although many people who are arrested are taken to jail, the arrest often begins much earlier. For example, if a person is stopped on suspicion of robbery and questioned and is not free ... Read More »

El Salvador prosecutors search prisons in pact investigation

Prosecutors in El Salvador said Monday they have searched two prisons to investigate whether the administration of President Nayib Bukele had negotiated with one of the country’s most powerful gangs to lower the murder rate and win their support in mid-term elections in exchange for prison privileges. Read More »

Fashion in Dubai after normalisation deal

Israeli May Tager has become the first model from her country to pose for a photoshoot in the United Arab Emirates, after the two nations agreed to normalise relations last month. Read More »

Former TV presenter vacation in Europe

“The hosting industry has its own version of the triple threat where traditional and cutting-edge hosting skills come together: teleprompter skills, ear-prompter skills, and thinking on your feet off-script with strong improve skills. I’ve used all three in the same show and on auditions and have always booked a good number of jobs because I was proficient at all three ... Read More »

Things That the Color of Our Clothes Says About Us

The color blue has a calming effect. According to fashion consultants, it is recommended for job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. It is said that for this very reason, police officers traditionally wear blue uniforms. Read More »

Speaking Mistakes That Might Make People Run Away From You

There are many things we can’t foresee in life. It’s impossible to know in advance whether you might stop liking the specialization you’ve chosen or if your significant other will start behaving differently than they used to. Everyone makes mistakes. So why not show more patience to people and relate to different situations with a pinch of humor? Read More »

TV show presenter celebrating her pregnant body in London

People offering to do things for you—like lug your bag up a flight of stairs—is one of the best perks that comes with growing a baby. So is getting offered a seat on the bus, being encouraged to cut ahead in lines and utilizing expectant-mother parking spots. “When I was pregnant, I took advantage of any and every opportunity afforded ... Read More »

Manouchehr Hadi’ 48th birthday

Hadi, Manouchehr (1972) This director was born in Tehran. He began his career as an actor and assistant director after graduating from high school. One of the main issues I’ve seen working on sets with amateur directors is one that the video seems to address over and over again: take care of your team. Be the big brother. Be the ... Read More »

Foods That Will Reduce Acne Scars

Why it works: Pumpkin is a great source of niacin, folate, A and B vitamins, and zinc. What it does: Niacin and folate increase blood circulation, improve cell renewal, and are beneficial in treating acne. Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which helps control hormone levels and oil production and assists with the healing of the skin. Vitamin A helps minimize acne ... Read More »

PREGNANCY PHOTOSHOOT of Arash Borhani and his Wife

Arash Borhani (born 14 September 1983) is a retired football player and coach. He is the all-time top goal scorers of and also the second all-time top goal scorers in Premier Football League. He was the top goal scorer of 2008–09 Premier Football League. He was also a member of the Iran national football team. won a bronze medal in ... Read More »