European Fashion And Tourism Bloggers in Homeland

established blog name, you might want to stick to that in order to be consistent across all platforms. Otherwise, think of something professional and catchy. Add to it a nice profile picture, a bullet-pointed bio and obviously a link to your travel blog. Read More »

The Fashion model “Ramina Torabi” getting Married

Ramina Torabi the girl from Shiraz that got famous by being featured in a photo essay of a photographer highlighting the beauty of women if different countries, is no blogging and posting her on photos online (link is here) Do you want to start your own successful blog? here is what you need to do: 1. Find Your Niche. Before ... Read More »

How to represent on a Serie red carpet

According to Vlaconis, getting the massage increases blood flow and oxygen to that area, helping keep your digestive system happy—and flattening your stomach by getting rid of bloating in the process. And for more tips for looking great, don’t miss the 20 Celeb Tricks for Always Looking Amazing in Photos. Read More »

Kelantan Crown Prince of Malaysia weds Swedish Beauty

A Swedish woman Sophie Louise Johansson will be joining the Kelantan royal household when she ties the knot with the Malaysian state’s crown prince, Tengku Muhammad Faiz Petra, on Friday. Read More »

Hidden Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat

If you find it difficult to reduce belly fat, then one of the reasons may be that you have chosen the wrong weight loss method for your stomach. There are 5 types of abdominal obesity caused by different reasons, and each of them requires a certain diet and exercise. So it’s important to determine your belly type and plan your ... Read More »

Golshifteh Farahani in Movie ‘Girls of the Sun’

Girls of the Sun is French director Eva Husson’s latest film, which is inspired by the true story of a group of Kurdish women who were captured by ISIS in Iraq and held hostage in 2014. Some escaped, lived to tell their story, and returned with guns to fight back. Read More »

Adele, Husband Simon Konecki to Divorce

Adele and her husband, Simon Konecki, have separated. The pop singer’s representatives Benny Tarantini and Carl Fysh confirmed the news Friday in a statement to the Associated Press. “Adele and her partner have separated,” the emailed statement said. Read More »