Here are the diets of other notable tech billionaires

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, estimates he drinks 20 cups of tea a day. “I’m not sure how I’d survive without English Breakfast tea,” Branson told the Daily Mail in 2016. Read More »

Actresses Modelling photo shooting

Elham Hamidi is an accounting graduate student from “Roudehen University”. She has two elder brothers. Elham is single. Elham participated in school plays from the age of seven because it is her family occupation. Read More »

Hedieh Tehrani is helping people hit by deadly floods

Hedieh Tehrani ( born 25 June 1972) is an actress. She is most noted for willingness to play mysterious, stony-faced and cold-hearted women. She began her acting career with Masoud Kimiai’s Soltan (1996). For her appearance in Ghermez (Red) (1998) she received the Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress from the 17th Fajr International Film Festival. Read More »

Tips to be worldwide traveler

It’s the key to successful galactic hitchhiking and plain common sense. You never know when you will need it, whether it’s at the beach, on a picnic, or just to dry off. While many hostels offer towels, you never know and carrying a small towel won’t add that much weight to your bag. Read More »

Noor Pahlavi’s birthday

Princess Noor Pahlavi of Iran ( born 3 April 1992) is an American socialite, model, and real estate businesswoman. She is the oldest child of exiled Reza Pahlavi, Crown Prince of and Yasmine Etemad-Amini. She was the first immediate family member of the Pahlavi dynasty to be born outside. Read More »

Different Fashion Style and Hyper cars by Leila Milani

Milani was a model on NBC’s prime-time game show Deal or No Deal from 2005 to 2009. She was best known for her “lioness-like” mane, and held case #13 since the beginning of the show. Although 13 is usually considered the unluckiest of numbers, she was often referred to on the show as “Lucky Leyla” or “Lucky 13,” as many ... Read More »

Psychological Hacks for Those Who Lack Confidence

Everyone reacts to compliments differently. Some people become shy and even draw attention to their flaws. This is the wrong way to react to compliments and it shows that a person is not self-confident. Besides, it might sound like you don’t really value the opinion of the person who gave the compliment in the first place. 1. Learn to accept ... Read More »