Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons by Country in 2017

 North Korea is officially recognized as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is a north Asian country that has a fledgling nuclear weapons program. It stands among the internationally powerful countries, but it has apparently less than ten warheads. Furthermore, it is not sure Whether North Korea can deliver them or not.

9. North Korea

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    ضرب المثل جالبی داریم که میگه:مرگ حقِّ،ولی برای همسایۀ بغلی.
    اگر بمب اتم سلاح مخرّب و خطرناکیست ،چرا ممنوعیتش را «سازمان ملل» برای همۀ کشورها اعلام نمی کند؟