Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons by Country in 2017

 Israel is a Middle Eastern country now positioned on the Mediterranean Sea. It was founded in 1948. It has 80 active warheads making it one of the nuclear powers in the world. It has a policy of uncertainty about its nuclear arsenal, neither approving nor rejecting its presence. As a result, there is limited public knowledge or debate about it.

8. Israel

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  1. با درود
    ضرب المثل جالبی داریم که میگه:مرگ حقِّ،ولی برای همسایۀ بغلی.
    اگر بمب اتم سلاح مخرّب و خطرناکیست ،چرا ممنوعیتش را «سازمان ملل» برای همۀ کشورها اعلام نمی کند؟