World’s Most Beautiful Theater Halls

The Seebühne (floating stage) juts into the Austrian waters of Lake Constance, and is the most dramatic setting for performances at the Bregenz Festival. Venice’s La Fenice theatre staged world premieres of operas by Rossini, Donizetti and Verdi. The Fox Theatre, Detroit, was built for the Fox Film Corporation in 1928. Wuxi Grand Theatre, designed by the Finnish PES Architects, ... Read More »

The Most Expensive Prescription Drugs

The FDA has encouraged pharmaceutical companies to invest in developing new drugs to treat rare diseases through its orphan drug development program. In return for these investments, the FDA has offered grants and priority approvals for drug sponsors willing to tackle these long neglected conditions. The FDA says the program has contributed to the development of more than 400 drugs ... Read More »

20 Weird And Exotic Fruits

If you take a trip through the supermarket’s produce isle, you might be forgiven for thinking that you have an impressive variety of fruit at your fingertips. In reality, however, this is only a small offering of the wide variety of delicious and exotic fruit that Mother Nature has in store. You may be surprised to learn about all the ... Read More »

Wonderful view of Malé island

Malé is the capital and most populous city in the Republic of Maldives. The city is geographically located at the southern edge of North Malé Atoll (Kaafu Atoll). Administratively, it is a city-class constituency and is governed by the Malé City Council. Traditionally it was the King’s Island, from where the ancient Maldive Royal dynasties ruled and where the palace ... Read More »

opening ceremony for the first Ice skating center in Mashhad

Padideh skating ring was inaugurated in front of several thousand people in the city of Mashad. To start the ceremonies several young children got things going by using the skating ring for the first time. The size of this complex is 600 square meters. The complex had shops and a coffee shop for visitors enjoyment. The skate ring also has ... Read More »

The beautiful stations of Moscow Metro ( Subway)

The Moscow Metro is a rapid transit system serving Moscow, Russia and the neighbouring Moscow Oblast towns of Krasnogorsk and Reutov. Opened in 1935 with one 11-kilometre (6.8 mi) line and 13 stations. The Moscow Metro is the busiest metro system outside of Asia, the world’s busiest by daily ridership and the 5th longest in the world. Today, with at ... Read More »

Luxury houses and real estate in Tehran

All the buildings in Tehran are not in the similar height and size. Below is a pictorial showing how the really wealthy live in the capital. More and more rich Iranians are turning to real estate to protect savings, helping fuel a building boom in the capital, as international sanctions weaken the rial and the government curbs foreign – currency ... Read More »

Restaurant of salt in Shiraz

The designers from Iran-based firm, Emtiaz Designing Group have constructed a restaurant in Shiraz, Iran made from a naturally occurring material: the salt from local salt mines. The result is of course an intrinsically sustainable environment. Take a natural material, in this case salt, and turn it into a restaurant, referencing the salt cave it came from. This is exactly ... Read More »

Elvis Presley’s Luxury Jets Go under the Hammer

Elvis Presley’s pair of personal jets, one complete with gilded wash basin and plush sleeping quarters, will go under the hammer in a sealed-bid auction for a piece of mile-high rock and roll memorabilia, Julien’s Auctions said on Friday. Jets “Lisa Marie” and “Hound Dog II” were designed and decorated by the King of Rock and Roll himself. The jets, ... Read More »

This Crazy Suit Will Age You 40 Years In 5 Minutes!

The R70 suit may make you look like a superhero, but it’ll make you feel decades older. Next time, you’ll have a little more respect for the elderly. For a little while on a recent weekday afternoon, my body aged about 40 years. The arthritis in my fingers made it nearly impossible to make a fist, let alone pick up ... Read More »