what the Queen eats and drinks everyday?

 The Queen reportedly has an Afternoon Tea with frills and all every single day, because she’s Queen and she can do what she likes. Mr McGrady previously spilled on the fact her favourite cakes were a honey and cream sponge, as well as the chocolate biscuit cake that Prince William also chose to be served at his wedding reception. Read More »

dramatic spectacular photos before of diesaster 2017

 They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but some photos can be summed .These are the photos that capture disaster just as (or milliseconds before) it happens. And while these pics may be defined by those two words, they’re definitely worth more than that in the laughs department. Read More »

When Pedestrian don’t follow Safety rules at Crosswalks

Take steps to be safe when walking on roadways. This includes exercising caution at intersections and crosswalks and increasing your visibility at night by wearing retro-reflective clothing and carrying flashlights. Walking is good for your health, and it’s good for the environment too. But before you head out on foot for a stroll, power walk, or errand, there are important ... Read More »

What we got actually When We Buy Famous Food Brands

 When we consume various brands of food from day to day we rarely stop to think about what their real nutritional value or composition actually is. it was time to find out what we’re actually buying when we pick up famous brands at the store. 9. Tomato ketchup: This sauce is made using tomato paste. It doesn’t contain any fresh tomatoes. Read More »

The Most Expensive Watches in the World for 2017

 This took over 1 year just to find the diamonds and bring them to the headquarters from all corners of the earth but the end result was fully worth it! Every single stone was cut by a well renowned jeweler from New York, with over 40 years of experience, in order to make sure each bears the same cut signature. ... Read More »

Imagination to reality about women style in the world

 For years, imagination was thought of as a way for children to escape from reality, and once they reached a certain age, it was believed they would push fantasy aside and deal with the real world. But, increasingly, child-development experts are recognizing the importance of imagination and the role it plays in understanding reality. Imagination is necessary for learning about ... Read More »

The Hottest Girls in Instagram For February 2017

Well, guess what? We think 2017 will be the year that we see the hottest EVER girls on Instagram. And because modern technology can be a wonderful thing, we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to…! Here is the link to her Instagram page. 10. Mara Teigen Read More »

The Norwegian Hot Firefighter ” Gunn Narten” is 30 Years old

 Many people commonly mistake the full-time firefighter/part-time emergency medical technician for a beauty guru or a model. And although the 30-year-old 5’8” Norwegian beauty admittedly likes to dress up and look “girly” — she can also lift a fire truck over her head. Read More »

Five Twins After 9months in Homeland

 There is a fascination with multiple pregnancies and multiples in our culture and many others. With the rise in the numbers of multiples, particularly twins, there are many questions that are commonly asked—like what are the terms used to describe multiple births? Read More »