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Produce a turnip with 5 kilograms weight

The turnip or white turnip is a root vegetable commonly grown in temperate climates worldwide for its white, bulbous taproot. Small, tender varieties are grown for human consumption, while larger varieties are grown as feed for livestock. The most common type of turnip is mostly white-skinned apart from the upper 1–6 centimeters, which protrude above the ground and are purple, ... Read More »

Mushrooms growing in an underground

Mushrooms grow from spores — not seeds — that are so tiny you can’t see individual spores with the naked eye. Because the spores don’t contain chlorophyll to begin germinating (as seeds do), they rely on substances such as sawdust, grain, wooden plugs, straw, wood chips, or liquid for nourishment. Below you see a man of the cloth growing these ... Read More »

the 10 most fuel-efficient cars

Fuel prices are a concern for almost all motorists so choosing a new car that can squeeze the most out of a tank of petrol or diesel is of huge importance to most of us. Going for a model with a headline-grabbing fuel economy figure can help you save money over many miles of motoring. That’s why we’ve listed the ... Read More »

World’s Top Trains

Luxury trains are special trains designed specifically to offer an elegant train ride, and evoke a strong sense of association as in history, heritage and decadence of a leisurely ride. Luxury trains operate in several countries and offer a luxurious and comfortable traveling option to luxury travelers. Whereas some luxury trains like the Orient Express promote tourism in major destinations ... Read More »

A luxurious castle hotel in royal clarence Marine

A unique hotel off the South Coast of England with a rooftop hot tub and access by private boat The historic Spitbank Fort may not have fulfilled its original purpose as a naval defence but it turns out it was destined for far more glamorous things. Now one of the most exclusive and unique hotels in the British Isles, this ... Read More »

7,000-year-old human skeleton recovered

A human skeleton has been found in capital suggesting that life in the city dates back to more than 5,000 years Before Christ. Archaeologists found the 7,000-year-old skeleton in their excavations in Molavi Street in the south of capital. According to the initial estimates, the human bones belong to 5,000 year … read more     Read More »

The young musicians start using the streets as a stage to fight sadness

Until recently, it was highly unusual to see musicians playing in the streets of our homeland. But over the past year, they’ve become a rather common sight – and they’re not all trying to make money. Many established artists are doing this just for fun, says our Observer, who has catalogued this trend by posting hundreds of videos of street ... Read More »

Awesome Shell gas station toilet in Bohol, Philippines

Down in Bohol, Philippines, there is this awesome toilet housed within a Shell gas station. “If your Public Restroom is Clean Enough… Let me knew, and I might just do what I did”, Ka Bino added. Meanwhile, an Inquirer article dated September 6th, 2011 featured the same type of toilet. According to the news, the said Shell station’s operator spent ... Read More »

Adel Ferdosipour’s comment about football fans in Melbourne

The video shows a funny commentary by Adel Ferdosipour about our national team fans in Melbourne during the game with Bahrain. Adel makes references to the images of women that get censored by national TV during the live broadcasts. All Local TV stations in the country are government run. Adel Ferdosipour is a football commentator, journalist, and also host of the ... Read More »

TOP Luxury Sedan Cars 2015

01. Mercedes S 65 AMG starting price at $222,000 The 2015 S65 AMG coupe is among the most fetching and luxurious vehicles on the planet, with almost ridiculous levels of equipment. But it’s a beast first and foremost, a menacing and more evil one than its V-8–powered S63 sibling Read More »