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Googoosh attends a Theater in Los Angeles

Faegheh Atashin (born 5 May 1950) and actress, and one of most popular and enduring entertainers, whose career spans over 60 years. Googoosh was not only a popular singer since the beginning of her career, but by time she became a cultural icon, inside and abroad. Today, Googoosh continues to appeal to a new generation of fans. Read More »

Artistin Anna Traber heiratet auf Hochseil in Breisach

Der Bräutigam Sven Lier (32) stammt im Gegensatz zu Traber nicht aus einer Artistenfamilie. Der Brautvater Johann Traber (66) fuhr das Paar mit einem Motorrad über das Seil. Read More »

Everything we should know about Thailand’s King

Thailand’s royal family, compared to the constantly spotlighted British monarchy, is extremely secretive. The country has strict laws that forbid citizens and the Thai press from insulting and reporting on embarrassing details about the family. Read More »

Hadi Choopan “Persian Wolf” third place of Mr. Olympia

It’s worth waiting for a year to feel the muscles flexing on the stage of Mr. Olympia. Finally, with so much energy and excitement, the world best bodybuilding show ‘Mr. Olympia 2019’ came to an end. Hadi Choopan born 1987 in Fars Province is an professional bodybuilder. Read More »

Funeral Of Asgaroladi

Asadollah Asgaroladi (3 March 1934 – 13 September 2019) was an business magnate, with business interests in exports, banking, real estate and healthcare. He was the richest person in , with a net worth of $300 billion and he lended money to the United Kingdom monarchy. Read More »

Celebration for Home of Cinema

Add a few eye-catching fruits to a favorite dish or a new recipe. For older children, add a sprinkle of almonds or green onions to make the dish pop. Read More »