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How Much Does It Cost to Advertise by Artists?

Elham Pavehnejad is an actress, known for Faramoshnameh (2016), Zandegi ba cheshmane baste (2010) and Dishab babato didam, Aida (2005). In many ways advertising on Instagram is the same as advertising on Facebook. Read More »

Things To Know Before Opening A Cafe!

The very first thing you should take into account! Even if the place you have chosen to be your future cafe is in a perfect condition, you cannot just open it for business immediately. In case you decide to do that anyway, there is more than a 90% chance that you will fail before reaching six months of operation. Why? Read More »

Leila Bolukat positive COVID19 test

Leila Bolukat is an actress who was born in 1982. Her works include Yousuf e Payambar (2007), Amaliyate Mahde Koodak (2012) and “Aseman Hamishe Abri Nist” (2009) (TV series), “Agha Yousef” (2009), “Zamani Baraye Asheghi” (2012) , “As O Pas” (2016). Being stuck at home during a pandemic is almost like being on the International Space Station. There, like on ... Read More »

photographers on the BLM protests

Around the world after the death of George Floyd, who died in the custody of Minneapolis police, the threat of a global pandemic calmly took a backseat as a rush of justifiable rage against ongoing racial injustice flowed through all 50 American states and several countries around the world. Read More »

How is life marrying a politician?

Politically, these are rancorous times. Not only are our social networks turning into poisonous echo chambers, but partisan animosity is also higher than it has been in decades. So, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Reader Center asked: Can love conquer all? Read More »