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Pixsellar CEO wins at UK wide awards

Sepideh Chakaveh is the founder of Pixsellar, a video streaming website which combines computer vision with AI. Global warming is a classic example of the importance of applied data science. It’s a subject people have strong opinions on – but not everyone has actually interpreted the raw data. Exploring global-warming data made an ideal project for the students in the ... Read More »

Pooyan Mokhtari and Anashid Hosseini starting a relationship in Istanbul

Pooyan mokhatari born September 30, 1990 (age 30 years) has known for his lifestyle and bet website. He has earned through his gambling website in Istanbul. Anashid Hosseini was born on January 24, 1992 in Ahvaz. His family moved to Tehran very soon, a year after his birth. Read More »

New Photo Shooting of Ramina Torabi in Istanbul

Deciding which lens to use is one of the most important factors for street photography. You may be tempted to use a telephoto lens, but that’s more than likely to result in more harm than good. You don’t want to be that creepy person standing across the road aiming a giant lens at strangers. If you want to look inconspicuous ... Read More »

Matin Sotoudeh working with A Makeup Artist

Matin Sotoudeh is an actress, known for The Day Comes (2013), The Soul Thief (2017) and Another One’s House (2017). Lipstick seems to have a habit of rubbing off as we go about our daily business, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can apply a few layers of powder between layers of lipstick to help it stay ... Read More »

celebrities who have been open about being HIV positive

In the ’80s, Johnson enjoyed a successful career with the LA Lakers and was named MVP three times. However, it all came to a halt in the early ’90s when he learned he was HIV positive and thought he was going to die. Read More »

Elizabeth Amini’s Instagram account has been disabled

Amini, Elizabeth (born 1976) Elizabeth Amini began to study psychology at university but did not finish her studies and decided to pursue acting. In 1997, she began taking acting courses and made her cinematic debut in 2002 with ‘White Dream’. Read More »

The singer and musician Shadmehr Aghili and Wolf Dog in the U.S

Shadmehr Aghili (born 27 January 1973) is a pop singer, musician, composer, music arranger, producer and song-writer, and formerly an actor. He emigrated to Canada first, but currently resides in Los Angeles. Legend started early in music and studied piano, guitar and violin, graduated from the Conservatory of Music.  A wolfdog is a canine produced by the mating of a ... Read More »

Tenn. baby breaks record after being born from 27-year-old

Tina and Ben Gibson spent years praying for a baby – but infertility stood in the way. Now, the couple have two babies thanks to groundbreaking medical science. The Gibsons’ most recent child was born Oct. 26, thanks to an embryo adoption that’s put little Molly Everette Gibson into the world record books. Read More »

27th birthday of The Legend Fardin’s granddaughter

Fardin was born and raised in a poor area in southerN. He was the eldest of three children. After graduating from high school, Fardin joined the Air Force and became a freestyle wrestler in his twenties; he won a silver medal at the 1954 World Wrestling Championships and placed fourth in 1957. Read More »