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Example of a self made Entrepreneur

Sadaf Taherian is an actress and model. She had a few appearances in  Movies and TV before posting unveiled images of herself on Facebook and Instagram that were denounced by ministry of culture and  guidance. Since leaving the country she as been entrepreneur making decisions very lucrative and fulfilling for her career. Setting up a cosmetic business requires not only ... Read More »

Ali Pourtash Get Married The Second Time

Ali Pourtash is an actor and comedian of cinema. Having worked in numerous plays, films, TV shows and stage productions in Tehran and in Los Angeles Pourtash was most recently seen in the 2008 film The Stoning of Soraya M. directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh. Other notable roles include the role of Haji firouz, the comedic side-kick to Amoo norooz in ... Read More »

Birthday Party Of Bahar Arjmand

Anoushirvan Arjmand (19 October 1941 – 14 December 2014) was an actor, best known for his roles in films such as Duel (2004), Tardid (2009), and He Who Said No (2014). Read More »

Photos Of The richest and youngest billionare Kylie Jenner

Born August 10, 1997 in Los Angeles, Kylie Jenner entered a life of privilege (some would say excess) right from the start. Her dad, Bruce Jenner, was a former Olympic track star, and her mom, Kris Kardashian-Jenner, was the beautiful ex-wife of a celebrated lawyer. Read More »

Brazil’s annual Carnival 2019

1 March in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is a colorful annual carnival. On the first day of spring, on March 1, the mayor traditionally was given the key to the king of the carnival that marked the beginning of a national holiday. Read More »

Rahian E noor For Foreigner Students

Rahian-e Noor is the group of religious and political caravans which travel between visiting zones in south and southwestern to commemorate Iranian efforts and lives lost in the War. Read More »

Bahareh Rahnama Modelling Photo Shooting

Let’s assume you’re doing a basic portrait session without makeup artists and hair stylists. The first thing to remember is that hair sitting on the shoulders looks terrible. If the hair sits on their shoulders, then it looks wild and you need to do something with it. There are five different things that they can do with their hair. Read More »

In Memory Of Khashayar Alvand

Khashayar Alvand is a writer and assistant director, known for Six and Five (2011), Keesh O Maat (2010) and Paytakht 5 (2018). Read More »

Nima Raeisi First Concert

You will want to have plenty of time to find your seat, buy merchandise, eat a meal, and go to the bathroom. You don’t want to be the one walking in the door 5 minutes before the opening act comes on. Read More »