Popular actresses before and after make up

 Bahareh Rahnama (born December 1, 1973 in Arak) is an actress Her father, Jalal Rahnama is a businessman and her mother, Parvin Ghaem maghami is an actress. They moved to Tehran in early 1980.


15. Bahareh Rahnama


  1. It seems that these actresses are beautified by their make-up. As Arthur schoppenhauer said, female beauty is pleasure and creation in the masculine mind.

  2. صاف شبيه انتر شدن

  3. She looks the same, not that much difference

  4. Ms.Bahareh Rahnama looks so different , with out the make.

  5. تنها ارايش نيست جراحي پلاستيك هم در تعداي اثر زيادي گذاشته