Some of TIME’s Most Influential People in the World 2017

 As in years past, this year’s list includes Presidents and Prime Ministers, CEOs and celebrities — but they are joined by others of less fame but great force, in the power of their inventions, the scale of their ambitions, the genius of their solutions to problems that no one before them could solve. 16. Emma Stone Read More »

Turkey president Erdogan’s palace worth $500m

 Even before the result of this week’s referendum, Turkey’s autocratic President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan enjoyed the trappings and lifestyle of an aspiring dictator. Take, for example, the lavish official residence he had built on the outskirts of Ankara, the capital, at the expense of his ever generous taxpayers. Read More »

The fascinating things you never knew about Queen Elizabeth II

 Queen Elizabeth II might be the most private public figure in the world. She’s been on the throne for 65 years and has become one of the most recognisable faces on the planet — but she rarely speaks about herself and never grants interviews with the media. Lots of people know her only for her stern poker face and her ... Read More »

Equipment of the Army

 From 1925 to the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Iran was mostly equipped with Western hardware. Cases exist where Iran was supplied with equipment even before it was made standard in the countries that developed it (for example the US F-14 Tomcat, or the British Chieftain Tank). Read More »

The most Strange Surveillance Devices in the world

 The art and science of surveillance has come a long way since the days of Moses, and some countries just happen to be more adept at it than others. To put things into perspective, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the golden days of spying — the legendary Cold War, with some dandy examples of items the ... Read More »

First Kurdish Woman as a New Secretary against Poverty!

 Zuhal Demir (born 2 March 1980 in Genk) is a Belgian lawyer and politician affiliated to the N-VA. Demir was elected as a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives in 2010. She is the daughter of Alevi Kurdish parents from Turkey and lives in Antwerp. She studied Law at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1998–2003, and went on in ... Read More »

Highlights of Munich Conference 2017

 Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif gestures next to the former U.S secretary of state Madeleine Albright during the 53rd Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany. Read More »

Training Afghanistan’s women soldiers

 Kabul’s military training academy is churning out classes of enthusiastic women to serve in Afghanistan’s army, but the realities of rising violence and a conservative society make the future for the young recruits far from certain. Fatima Rezai, 21, a female officer from the Afghan National Army (ANA) practices with a punching bag during an exercise session at at the ... Read More »