Opark Water Park in the capital

 A water park or waterpark is an amusement park that features water play areas, such as swimming pools, water slides, splash pads, spraygrounds (water playgrounds), lazy rivers, or other recreational bathing, swimming, and barefooting environments. Read More »

Women Riders Now – Motorcycling

 Now more than any other time in history, women are taking up motorcycle riding in record numbers. If you’ve found your way to this page because you’re a woman thinking of getting into the sport, you’re certainly not alone—one in four motorcycle riders on the road today is a woman! Read More »

Actress Who Got Fit Fighting

 Tina Akhoondtabar (born 26. Mai 1987 ) is an actress, television personality, fitness model, and former mixed martial artist. Akhoondtabar began her training with straight Muay Thai to competitive MMA, where she competed in Strikeforce. Akhoondtabar started her career in the sport of Muay Thai. Read More »

The Top 11 Fashionable Athlets in 2017

 Sleek, slim and sharp are the three words that encompass the Portuguese footballer’s sought-after style. He already has four FIFA Ballon d’Or awards, 21 trophies and hundreds of goals on his resume, but Ronaldo is also a designer. He recently launched a new CR7 denim range for ultra-active lifestyles, so you too can wear his signature skinny-fit, distressed denim look. ... Read More »

Female Bodybuilder in the homeland

 Women in bodybuilding have to work extra hard to get fit and compete in bodybuilding contests, a process that helps to build their character, enhance endurance, and also develop their self-esteem. Furthermore, the working out and engaging in competitions helps the women in bodybuilding to build a career and make good money, especially those who get product endorsements or get into ... Read More »

National Female ninjutsu practitioners showcase their skills

 Ninjutsu, sometimes used interchangeably with the modern term ninpō is the strategy and tactics of unconventional warfare, guerrilla warfare and espionage purportedly practiced by the shinobi (commonly known outside Japan as ninja). Ninjutsu was a separate discipline in some traditional Japanese schools, which integrated study of more conventional martial arts (taijutsu) along with shurikenjutsu, kenjutsu, sōjutsu, bōjutsu and others. Read More »

The First Bodyguard Training & Certification Course in the Capital

 The Bodyguard Training Certification Course will also provide  you with applied knowledge on how to properly and safely escort your principal to and from all type of locations, how to set- up advanced secure parties, group formations and much more Read More »

The Unique Waterpark has opened in Kish 2017

Ocean Water Park is a water park located in Kish Island. It is the first themed & outdoor water park in the homeland. Kish Island was ranked among the world’s 10 most beautiful islands by The New York Times in 2010, and is the fourth most visited vacation destination in Southwest Asia. Read More »