10 Alternative Travel Destinations In Europe

How is it possible for such a tiny continent to be packed full of so much culture and history? Europe is an ideal destination for any travel fanatic, adventure seeker, party goer, foodie or even those just looking for a relaxing weekend away. When thinking of Europe’s top destinations, we instantly conjure images of the greats: Paris, Rome, London, Berlin; and rightly so! The West’s capital cities have their amazing reputations for a reason, as they are constantly buzzing, always on top of the latest trends without a single dull moment.


10. St Ives, England

Winner of a showcase of national awards including best family holiday destination by Coast magazine and one of the 10 best European beach destinations compiled by TripAdvisor, St Ives is a seemingly subtropical oasis where the beaches are golden, the vegetation is lush and the light piercingly bright. The town lies north of Penzance and west of Camborne on the coast of the Celtic Sea.