20 Weird And Exotic Fruits

20 Weird And Exotic Fruits

If you take a trip through the supermarket’s produce isle, you might be forgiven for thinking that you have an impressive variety of fruit at your fingertips. In reality, however, this is only a small offering of the wide variety of delicious and exotic fruit that Mother Nature has in store.

You may be surprised to learn about all the different weird and exotic fruits from Asia that can open up an entirely new world to you. Here are 20 weird and exotic fruits from Asia you’ve probably never heard of.Snap1151. RambutanSnap rambutan2. Aquaje fruitSnap aquajefruit3. AckeeSnap- ackee4. CherimoyaSnap- cherimoya5. HornedmelonSnap-hornedmelon6. PhysalisSnap physalis

7. JabuticabaSnap-jabuticaba8. LangsatSnap langsat9. MangosteenSnap mangosteen10. MiracleSnap miracle11. Buddahs handSnap buddahs hand12. SalakSnap salak13. Violet sweet potatoSnap sweet potato14. SoursoupSnap soursoup15. Wood appleSnap wood apple16. Star

Snap star

17. Sugar apple

Snap sugar apple18. Kaffir limeSnap- kaffir lime19. DragonSnap-dragonfruit20. Bread fruitSnap- breadfruit