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Akbar Abdi ( born 26 August 1960 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian actor and comedian Akbar Abdi proved his talent through a TV series consisting of children’s programming (“I am late again for school”).He started his career in TV series and soon became very popular. He began his career with the children’s TV series “The Traffic Neighborhood”, directed by Dariush Moadebian in 1981. He was dubbed “the man with a thousand faces of Iranian cinema” for the broad array of comedy roles he played during the 1980s. His main credits include “The Actor”, “Delshodegan” and “The Snowman”.He shined as a movie star by playing in the movie “Ejareh-Nesheenha” (The Tenants). He has chosen diverse characters to play in different movies and is respected as a classic movie star with a successful career in Iran.


7. Akbar Abdi