Ford F-750 Luxury Truck

The great thing about SEMA that otherauto shows can’t boast of is that you can find vehicles that are so out of the ordinary it begs for more than a few double takes. Take this truck from Dunkel Industries for example. Check out the world’s Biggest Truck Ford F-750 Luxury Truck by Dunkel Industries. Dunkel Industries’ Luxury 4×4 – the largest pickup truck we’ve ever seen at SEMA. It’s 8.5 feet wide, 32 feet long and almost 12 feet tall! The Dunkel 4×4 is an RV and pickup fused together. It’s built on a Ford F-650/F-750 chassis with a bed that’s big enough to fit a full-size car with room on the top for dirtbikes. There’s no need to tow a trailer!



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