JAMES BOND’S 1977 Lotus Esprit 007 Submarine sold for US$968,000

Remember a couple of months ago we wrote about how the 1977 Lotus Esprit 007 Submarine was going up for sale at RM Auctions? Yes well, the auction’s over. After a fervent bidding battle that can only be worthy of James Bond’s wondermobile from The Spy Who Loved Me, it sold for £616,000 (about US$968,000) to a telephone bidder.Raymond Benson, author of seven “official” posthumous Bond books, said, “I never used an underwater car in any of my Bond novels, but the Lotus in the film is one of my favourite vehicles in the 007 universe !”If you ask us, the 1977 Lotus Esprit 007 Submarine, is an extraordinary creation that is etched on the pages of automotive and film history.


£616,000(about US$968,000)