Richest Celebrity Couples 2015

 Kelly Preston and John Travolta are worth $170 million as a couple. By himself John Travolta is worth $160 million while Kelly Preston is worth $10 million. John Travolta still loves to dance. He’s boogied to the Bee Gees, done the hand jive with Olivia Newton-John and even waltzed with Princess Diana at the White House. But his favorite dancing partner remains his longtime love and wife of 23 years, Kelly Preston. At the wedding of their niece Rachel Claire in LA earlier this year, “They danced the night away in each others arms,” says a close friend. “He and Kelly were constantly taking to the dance floor, and when they danced to slow songs, he held her close as if they were a teenage couple at their high school prom,” the insider added.


11. Kelly Preston and John Travolta – $170 Million