the New $4,250 Leica Q Camera

Unlike earlier Leica attempts to roll out a camera for the masses, at $4,250 this model is for the discerning photographer. The camera is now available at Leica Stores and boutiques along with authorized Leica dealers. The center point for the Q is its new Maestro II processor that can take up to 10 frames per second of continuous shooting at full resolution. Also new for Leica is a digital frame selector function that can display focal lengths of 35 and 50mm at by simply pushing a button. This allows photographers to see focal lengths beyond the fixed 28mm lens. Photographers utilizing this feature can still see outside the digital viewfinder’s bright-line frame and can react much faster to changes in and around the subject. 24-megapixel, full frame, CMOS sensor precisely matched to its lens.

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