This Crazy Suit Will Age You 40 Years In 5 Minutes!

The R70 suit may make you look like a superhero, but it’ll make you feel decades older. Next time, you’ll have a little more respect for the elderly.

For a little while on a recent weekday afternoon, my body aged about 40 years. The arthritis in my fingers made it nearly impossible to make a fist, let alone pick up a pen, without grimacing in pain. I could only walk up the stairs by shuffling sideways. The din of the crowd was so loud that I could barely hear; as I result, I shouted my responses in casual conversation. And the macular degeneration in my eyes clouded my vision. The suit was designed through a collaboration between Genworth, the makeup and creature effects studios Spectral Motion, and Edward Schneider, a professor of gerontology at the University of Southern California.