An Aghazadeh and his wife on the red carpet of movie

Anashid Hosseini is a well know online model. She was in the news recently about her glamorous wedding. It is said she was working on starting a new clothing line. Which is a good excuse here for us to give you the best pointers, if you are looking to do the same. We used Shopify, which is of the cheapest ways. Photoshoots cost a little bit of money, but you can also do it in a cost-effective way, if you don’t require a supermodel or a super expensive photographer. I will say that for less than $50,000 you can start.


  1. یه روزی شاخ ایناییکه با پول ملت بزرگ شدن میشکنه.

  2. باور بفرمایید اگر احمدی نژاد یه بند ابرو بره و محاسنش رو نوره بکشه و یه عنل زیبایی بینی هم پشت بندش مطمنا از این اناشید خانوم زیباتره…

  3. تا چشم شماها در بياد