Carlos Queiroz

Carlos Queiroz

Carlos Manuel Brito Leal Queiroz born 1 March 1953, is a Portuguese football manager who currently manages the our national football team. A former manager of Real Madrid, he has also been the manager of the Portuguese national team and Alex Ferguson’s assistant manager at English club Manchester United. He has qualified three national teams to the World Cup, those being South Africa in 2002, Portugal in 2010, and our national team in 2014. Queiroz has won several awards as a coach in junior levels, and has been successful at senior and club levels, mainly as Alex Ferguson’s assistant manager.
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  1. happy birth day.I have 61 too.

  2. The best memory is when he showed his strong punch to the arrogant coach of Korea Repub…
    Why you didn’t add that picture?

  3. hi carlos ariaee
    tank you for all the thing you teach us
    i wish you best
    love you