The life of Princess Soraya in pictures

  Princess Soraya of Iran born Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiari, 22 June 1932 – 26 October 2001 was Queen of Iran, the second wife of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran, and a notable actress.Soraya was the eldest child and only daughter of Khalil Esfandiary, a Bakhtiari nobleman and Iranian ambassador to West Germany in the 1950s, and his Moscow-born German ... Read More »

Poor tailor Presidents of America

Georges de Paris (c. 1934 – 13 September 2015) was a French-American tailor who is often referred to as having been the President of the United States’ unofficial tailor or the tailor to the Presidents. Paris fashioned suits for every American President from Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama.De Paris was born in Marseille and came to Washington, D.C with a ... Read More »

Iranian cheetah flies

The Asiatic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus), also known as the Iranian cheetah, is a critically endangered cheetah subspecies surviving today only in Iran. It used to occur in India as well, where it is locally extinct.The Asiatic cheetah lives mainly in Iran’s vast central desert in fragmented pieces of remaining suitable habitat. Although once common, the cheetah was driven to ... Read More »

Top Persian Male Models to Follow in Instagram in 2015

Arash Mohajeri is an Iranian actor/model, his image gracing billboards across Iran, Turkey and more…His first two films will be released in 2009. Arash is the only model to be paid professionally for his modeling in Iran, making him the first and only professional model (everyone else works for free, in return for a chance at recognition). Throughout his career ... Read More »

la tomatina festival 2015 in spain

La Tomatina (Spanish pronunciation: [la tomaˈtina]) is a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Buñol, a town located in the East of Spain 30 km / 19 miles from the Mediterranean, in which participants throw tomatoes and get involved in this tomato fight purely for entertainment purposes. Since 1945 It has been held on the last Wednesday ... Read More »

Celebrities Who Have Been Married Four Times Or More

Francis Albert “Frank” Sinatra was an American singer, actor, director, and producer. Beginning his musical career in the swing era as a boy singer with Harry James and Tommy Dorsey, Sinatra found success as a solo artist from the early to mid-1940s after being signed by Columbia Records in 1943. The idol of the “bobby soxers”, he released his first ... Read More »

The Most Luxury Resturants in Capital

 Tamasha, another component of the Monsoon Group, has a dish to suit everyone with its comprehensive menu full of international cuisine that includes Asian dishes, pizza and pasta, Mexican fare, kebabs and a number of sandwiches and speciality dishes. 12. Tamasha Read More »

10 Child Stars We Wish Never Grew Up

After watching him in the movie that made his career, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, there’s no denying he’s a good-looking kid. Intense eyes, great hair, and a motorcycle spell that out pretty well. ‘So, then,’ you say, ‘he must have grown up to be even more attractive, right?’ Hate to break it to you, but not quite. After spending some ... Read More »

Founder of the first drugstore

Takhte Jamshid Pharmacy opened it’s door in Tehran in the year 1345. At opening the personnel included 6 pharmacists and 102 support staff. It was located at the intersection of Takhte Jamshid street and Hafez road. The pharmacy was on the first floor and in the lower floor was “qasr ayeeneh” or “Palace of Mirrors” where perfumes and women’s beauty ... Read More »

The beautiful and inspiring library in germany

Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart (früher: Stadtbücherei Stuttgart) ist die Verwaltung öffentlicher Bibliotheken in der Stadt Stuttgart. Sie hat ihren Sitz in der Stadtbibliothek am Mailänder Platz.Nachdem sich der eingetragene Verein “Volksbibliothek Stuttgart” am 9. Juni/21. August 1901 eine Satzung gegeben hatte, konnte die Volksbibliothek am 19. November 1901 in eine Legionskaserne an der Stelle des heutigen Wilhelmsbaus einziehen. Auf eine Phase der ... Read More »